Enrollment/Tuition Coordinator / WPCP Coordinator – Regis Catholic Schools, Eau Claire

RCS Enrollment & Tuition Coordinator/

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program Coordinator


REPORTS TO:  Regis Catholic Schools President




  • Associate Degree or higher in associated field or equivalent work experience
  • Working knowledge of basic office equipment, technology, and computers, including school management, word processing, spreadsheet, and database software
  • Strong communication, time management and clerical skills
  • Tactful and considerate; ability to work well with staff and others
  • Functions well under pressure; reacts calmly in emergencies and stressful situations
  • Trustworthy, respects confidentiality appropriate to position
  • Demonstrates loyalty to school/system/diocese
  • Experience working in an education (preferred but not required)
  • Experience, exposure or knowledge of the WPCP (preferred but not required)




  1. Oversee the program of admissions of new students to the school and manage the re-enrollment of current students for the succeeding year.
  2. Present the school to prospective students and parents, which includes systematic and efficient handling of applications and communication with candidates and their parents.
  3. In partnership with Communications Director, develop/maintain promotional and admissions materials.
  4. Work in conjunction with Hispanic Outreach Coordinator to develop communications for and assist with enrolling Hispanic families in our system.
  5. Evaluate continually, and redesign where appropriate, all aspects of the admissions program with the goal of maintaining a capacity enrollment of students.
  6. Provide assistance to families completing the enrollment process.
  7. Educate families on affordability and availability of financial resources.
  8. Track and maintain relevant statistics on all aspects of the admission and re-enrollment program.
  9. Coordinate and participate in all recruitment efforts and special events involving prospective students
  10. Promote good relationships with outside institutions or groups which can be helpful in attracting students.
  11. Work with administration and faculty to organize specific retention efforts at key grade levels.
  12. Responsible for maintaining billing software and billing tuition on an annual basis.
  13. Monitor and manage delinquent accounts.
  14. Manage tuition assistance applications and assist in the evaluation of applications.
  15. Oversee the completion of federal, state or Diocesan forms as required by the DPI.
  16. Keep in confidence any administrative, faculty/staff, or parent discussions/decisions.
  17. Maintain professional, cooperative, and friendly relationships with students, parents, visitors, and staff.
  18. Demonstrate support of fellow employees and administration through actions and comments.
  19. Assist in keeping Administrative Offices clean and orderly.
  20. Attend meetings, workshops, conventions and training sessions when needed.
  21. Assist other RCS office staff during peak work periods and staff absences.
  22. Perform other duties as necessary to the position or as specified by the Controller and/or President.




  1. Educate families of the availability of and requirements to participate in the WPCP.
  2. Assist eligible families through the WPCP application process with the DPI.
  3. Maintain annual applications and review necessary documentation.
  4. In partnership with Communications Director, develop/maintain materials regarding the WPCP.
  5. Work in conjunction with Hispanic Outreach Coordinator to develop communications for and assist with enrolling Hispanic families in WPCP.
  6. Maintain DPI online application system.
  7. Stay up to date with state legislative changes and potential impacts or changes to the WPCP.
  8. Serve as in-house expert relating to all things WPCP related.
  9. Attend meetings, workshops, conventions and training sessions regarding WPCP.
  10. Other duties as assigned.

If interested, please send your resume to:

Regis Catholic Schools
Human Resources
2728 Mall Drive, Suite 200
Eau Claire, WI  54701

You may also email:  jeager@RegisCatholicSchools.com