Principal – All Saints Catholic School, Kenosha WI

Principal Job Description


All Saints Catholic School (ASCS), a K4 through 8th grade educational institution, seeks a high-caliber principal who wishes to advance and grow professionally by leading a regional model school that is prospering in Southeastern Wisconsin – a growing economic hub for the state. This position is ideal for a seasoned and experienced leader who is passionately committed to the advancement of Catholic education – one who excels in stakeholder management, interpersonal relations, strategic planning and excellence in school operations and performance. The ideal candidate should possess enthusiasm for the mission and understand how vital this front-facing role is to the brand of ASCS.

ASCS was founded in 2011 as a regional school in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the result of a merger between four Catholic schools and in response to the need for a new approach to Catholic education in the Kenosha community. ASCS is supported by ten local parishes in the Kenosha community and is recognized as one of the preeminent regional Catholic schools in the state of Wisconsin and across the nation.

The school’s outstanding characteristics include:

  • A Christ-centered culture of excellence that permeates all facets of the school, including curriculum, student activities and sports, and parent and teacher communities
  • A strong leadership team and faculty whose primary focus is helping all children reach their fullest potential
  • A “Saints in Training” preschool program that has become a natural feeder into our 4-year old kindergarten program
  • A rigorous curriculum that has been recognized by local high schools and through countless student awards and accolades
  • Professional development for faculty and staff rooted in faith formation and focused on continuous improvement
  • Ongoing relations with all 10 parishes of our community to ensure strong presence and support
  • A strong reputation, enhanced by branding, marketing and recruitment efforts which have helped to increase enrollment from 450 to more than 600 students today

Kenosha County boasts 150,000 residents. With campuses on the north and south side of Kenosha, Wisconsin, the school recruits from southern and western Racine County, as well as northern, southern and western Kenosha County and northern Illinois. Kenosha is geographically located between Chicago and Milwaukee and attracts many families who wish to transplant, build roots in the community and commute to these major metropolitan areas. Major employers of this area include: Amazon, Abbott Laboratories, Uline, SC Johnson, SnapOn and Jockey. The community is growing economically and will soon benefit from Foxconn Technology Group, a major company that will bring up to 13,000 jobs to this area, the largest economic project development in the state’s history.


The Role

The Principal is considered the Head of the School and is charged with the responsibility for its operation by the Board of Directors. The Principal reports to the Board, and shall operate the School according to the policies and philosophy formulated by the Board and in line with Catholic teachings. The Principal should counsel with the Board President and appropriate other Board members, as necessary, in carrying out key responsibilities.

I. Coordination of the School Program. The Principal is charged by the Board of Directors to:

  1. Foster positive relationships with local pastors and parishes through regular communication and engagement
  2. Lead all aspects of School operations;
  3. Work to accomplish School’s Mission Statement;
  4. Select and retain quality faculty and staff;
  5. Serve as the chief spokesperson for the School to parents, parishes, and the public;
  6. Provide spiritual leadership and formation to teachers and students;
  7. Facilitate policy-making by the Board;
  8. Inform Board about School operations as well as external influences that may require consideration;
  9. Serve the School in development, recruitment, public relations, and fundraising programs in collaboration with Board Committees.
  10. Faithfully participate in personal development activities as outlined in contract and approved annually by Board Executive Committee.

 II. Spiritual Leadership.
The Principal is responsible to the Board for good spiritual leadership of all constituencies associated with the School. The Principal shall:

  1. Be a practicing Catholic, active in discipleship, with a personal commitment to know, love and serve God and neighbor
  2. Work to maintain unity in the Spirit among the community
  3. Promote the spiritual growth of the faculty, staff, students, Board volunteers, etc.
  4. Foster the sacramental life of students, parents, teachers and staff
  5. Maintain an attitude of Christ-like servant leadership in all situations
  6. Be personally involved in a home parish – active discipleship

III. Advancement. The Principal shall oversee the development of special projects and capital fundraising programs for the advancement of the School. In overseeing the School’s development program, the Principal shall:

  1. In collaboration with the Development Committee and appointed staff, oversee development activities such as the Annual Gala, relationships with key benefactors, the Annual Fund and other efforts as identified;
  2. Strategically pursue development, recruitment, public relations, marketing and fundraising programs that set out to secure third-source funding for the school;
  3. Actively participate in identifying, cultivating, and soliciting major gifts supporting ASCS.

IV.Academic Programs and Standards. The Principal is charged with attaining and maintaining the academic excellence of the School. In directing the academic program the Principal will:

  1. Oversee the accreditation of the School, at all school levels;
  2. Oversee the development of curriculum at all school levels;
  3. Conduct a regular program of instructional assessments through appropriate testing mechanisms;
  4. Seek to continually upgrade the quality of the academic program.

V. Management of Personnel. The Principal is responsible for the management of all personnel employed by the School, either directly or through subordinates. In overseeing all personnel activities, the Principal will:

  1. Promote the mentoring of faculty and staff;
  2. Work with the administrative leadership team to ensure continued professional development of all personnel;
  3. Evaluate faculty and staff needs, in conjunction with the administrative leadership team;
  4. Recommend the establishment and funding of new faculty and staff positions as necessary;
  5. Direct the development of personnel standards and policies with the Personnel Committee;
  6. Supervise direct reports.
  7. Create succession plans as needed and submit to the Board of Directors for approval.

VI. Recruiting and Admissions 
The Principal is responsible for overseeing all recruiting and admissions activities. Although some of the specific work associated with these responsibilities may be delegated, the Principal shall:

  1. Supervise the Admissions functions;
  2. Oversee the development of comprehensive enrollment data and projections;
  3. Ensure the development and implementation of effective strategies to ensure the attainment of recruiting goals;
  4. Ensure the development and implementation of appropriate admission policies and procedures and ensure compliance with such policies and procedures;
  5. Develop and oversee financial aid process and policies with the Finance Committee and in collaboration with local pastors.

VII. Financial Responsibility. The Principal is responsible, with the Business Manager and the Board Treasurer, for developing the annual budget for approval by the Board. Upon adoption, the Principal is responsible for supervising the implementation of the budget. Although much of the specific work associated with these responsibilities may be delegated, the Principal shall:

  1. Present to the Board, with the Treasurer and Business Manager, the prepared budget, and recommend ways to finance the budget;
  2. Control expenditures in accordance with budgetary and by-law spending limits;
  3. Recommend extra budgetary expenditures when necessary to the Board;
  4. Ensure appropriate financial policies and procedures are in place and in force;

VIII. Strategic Planning. The Principal shall participate, under the Board’s direction, in the creation of a strategic plan every three years. The Board of Directors will lead the direction of the strategic plan, developed with the support of Principal in outlining key goals, data points, strategies, and tactics. The Principal will serve as a collaborator with other committees, commissions, and task forces to help develop the plan which shall include curriculum development, staffing, spiritual life, physical plant,,and other areas deemed necessary by the Principal. Appropriate proforma financial statements will be needed to support the plan.

IX. School Board Relations. The Principal will inform the Board of all relevant activities in the life of the School and communicate Board initiatives to School personnel. The Principal shall:

  1. Attend all Board meetings, as an ex-officio member;
  2. Submit a monthly written report to the Board on the state of the School, including its achievements and challenges;
  3. Seek the Board’s counsel and decisions as needed;
  4. Proactively bring issues and subjects to the Board’s attention.
  5. Promote positive relationships and communications between the Board, faculty and staff.



  • Minimum master’s degree in educational administration (current Wisconsin license, equivalent, or study plan required)
  • Practicing Catholic in good standing with the Catholic Church and serving in active discipleship in home parish
  • Knowledge and skills related to high quality professional development for staff
  • Demonstrated effective Catholic school leadership and administrative experience
  • Previous experience with community stakeholders and board interface
  • Seasoned in collaboration and initiative – a self-starter
  • Deadline to apply is March 1, 2018.
  • Send your resume and cover letter to: Rev. Bob Weighner, ASCS Chair of the Board, 9091 Prairie Ridge Blvd., Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158 or