Policies for Records / Genealogical Searches

  1. Requests for records/genealogical searches to be undertaken by archive personnel are to be submitted in writing, and will be processed, as time permits, in the order received.
  2. Requests for records/genealogical searches should be specific in nature. Archive personnel are not able to respond to general research requests such as, “please send the records of all of the Smith family members who appear in the books since the parish began in 1880.” Specific requests, by name and date, should be limited to five (5) names or less per request.
  3. Identifying information should be included for each person named, including the names of parents or spouses, place of residence, the specific record requested (baptism, marriage or death), the approximate date and year, the parish, etc., to assist the researcher in finding the appropriate records as quickly as possible.
  4. The archive does not have sufficient personnel to conduct extensive general research of family trees. Requests for general research may be separately made and are subject to the availability of a researcher. The hourly rates for professional compensation are currently assessed at $12.50 per hour.
  5. Genealogical and records searches can be very time-consuming for various reasons, such as the condition of the original books, variances of languages used in the registers during the 1800’s, etc. Photocopying and supply costs etc. are also incurred. A minimum contribution of $10.00 per search is expected, plus 10¢ per page for photocopying, and 25¢ per page for microfiche copying.
  6. Personal genealogical searches are restricted to film and microfiche sources. Use of the original church/record books is restricted to archive personnel only.