Procedure for Routine Building Improvements

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All building improvement projects over $5,000.00 require initial contact with the Office of Diocesan Buildings and Grounds before proceeding with any improvement project.

The paperwork from all contractors must be sent directly to Office of Diocesan Buildings and Grounds, which includes the Improvement Authorization Request Form, original contracts and certificates of insurance. Please do not send “estimates”.

The certificate of insurance must state in the box titled DESCRIPTION OF OPERATIONS/ LOCATIONS/VEHICLES/SPECIAL ITEMS: Additional Insured is the Diocese of La Crosse, Bishop William Callahan and (Insert Name of Parish or School), City. A certificate of insurance must be obtained from each contractor for the project. If the contractor does not carry Worker’s Compensation insurance, then please have the contractor complete the Certificate of Independent Contractor Status form.

All of the proper paperwork for the project must be submitted in its entirety to be reviewed and approved.

Once the appropriate signatures are obtained, the Office of Diocesan Buildings and Grounds will return copies of the approved contract to the pastor or administrator. The pastor or administrator provides the individual contractors with a copy of the contract.

The Office of Diocesan Buildings and Grounds will assist pastors or administrators with any issues or conflicts that may arise during the building or capital improvement process. The Office of Diocesan Buildings and Grounds must also approve any project change orders or additional contracts for the project.

For capital campaign projects, please see Policy and Procedure for Building or Renovating in the Diocese of La Crosse.