POSITION: Coordinator of Finance for Catholic Schools – Office for Catholic Schools, La Crosse

REPORTS TO: Superintendent for Catholic Schools

STATUS: Full-time position – 40 hours per week.

The Diocese of La Crosse is looking for a skilled finance person to work in the Office for Catholic Schools. The job requires understanding of budgeting, finances, School Choice Program, vouchers and managing grants, government bureaucracy, and the ability to help others plan for the future.

The Finance Coordinator works with multiple forms of data to help our Catholic Schools budget properly and work within their budgets. The Finance Coordinator questions school administrators about their working budget to help them use sound financial practices.

As the Catholic Schools’ advocate for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program, the Finance Coordinator must be able to successfully work with the Department of Public Instruction. The Finance Coordinator must monitor all developments within the Choice program and make sure our Catholic Schools meet deadlines and stay within proper guidelines. The person accepting this position will work closely with an accounting agency, the Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools, and School Choice Wisconsin.

Within the Office for Catholic Schools the Finance Coordinator manages grant proposals and acquisitions. Schools and coworkers in the Office for Catholic Schools depend on the Finance Coordinator to directly organize and manage three different funds.

The Finance Coordinator provides budget reviews and summaries to the Diocesan Bishop, the Moderator of the Curia, Vicar for Clergy, and the Superintendent for Catholic Schools.

General understanding of Accounting, Budgeting, Forecasting, and Analysis
Experience interpreting regulations, and prior grant writing experience
Bachelor’s degree preferred, but not required (associates degree or prior demonstrated experience required)

To apply: Please send resume and references to Margaret Ebner – HR Director mebner@diolc.org