The School Counselor is a full time position which serves the needs of the students at Regis Middle & High School by providing equitable access to a comprehensive school counseling program for all students, focused on academic, personal/social, and career development to prepare students for post-secondary opportunities. Services will be provided through the counseling program: curriculum, individual guidance services, and system support.

The responsibilities of the School Counselor include, but may not be limited to, the following:

I. Academic
A. Update staff about students as appropriate, necessary or requested.
B. Work with the leadership team in organizing orientation for 8th grade students and parents who may be entering Regis the following school year.
C. Ensure that students receive information on graduation requirements, college entrance requirements, and technical school requirements and opportunities.
D. Is responsible for working with staff members and department heads in writing accurate course descriptions, applicable pre-requisites, and updated course selection booklet.
E. Coordinate the Regis High School Senior Scholarship Committee and provide a systematic procedure for evaluating potential recipients of scholarships.
F. Coordinate the scholarships and academic awards to be given at the Regis Awards Assembly.
G. Provide information on financial aid, grants, and scholarships to students and parents.
H. Provide a location, outside the Counselor’s office, to post a list of scholarships which become available, to list the scholarship and who is offering it, its monetary amount, the basic requirements to qualify, and the date the application is due. Institute current and accurate information to regarding scholarships to all graduating seniors, and underclassmen as applicable, using, but not be limited to, the following methods: direct mail to each student by postal service and/or in-school delivery, notices in parent and/or school newsletters, updates in student newspaper, use of large group or small group assemblies, web based technology, and/or meetings by grade level.
I. Coordinate efforts for students who may qualify for education under programs where students take college courses or courses at other high schools which are not offered at Regis High School.
J. Understands the enrollment, financial obligation/arrangement, statutory language, and various institutions with which the Early College Credit Program, Start College Now, Distance Learning, CVTC Academies, etc are made possible to our students.
K. Provide appropriate information to administration on a student(s) if requested or necessary for graduation progress or credit recovery needs.
L. Works in conjunction with our local public school and our students’ needs (i.e. IEP/ILP).

II. Social/Emotional
A. Once each month, provide mental health instruction to middle school students during religion classes (mindfulness, mental health awareness, culturally responsive practices. etc)
B. Conduct small focus groups, during study hall/homeroom, on a weekly basis and maintain discussion topic content.
1. Topics such as divorce, anxiety, depression, mindfulness, culturally sensitive topics, etc.
C. Provide direct counseling to students with personal-social problems and refer students to other professionals when appropriate.
D. Prepare written articles for the parent newsletters.

III. Career Development
A. In conjunction with other Regis counselors, work with current and newly enrolled students in establishing a four-year plan for graduation.
1. Conduct an annual review of this four-year plan with each student. Maintain credit checks on students to ensure each student is moving toward attaining graduation requirements.
2. At the end of each semester, notify and work with the parents of those students who appear to be falling short of graduation requirements.
3. Provide students with assistance in scheduling difficulties and perform changes as needed.
4. Review progress reports and grade reports of students and provide intervention assistance as needed.
B. Assist students in identifying their post-secondary educational goals and assist each student maintaining an Academic and Career Portfolio in Xello.
C. Schedule and meet with post-secondary representatives and military recruiters, and provide students the opportunity to meet with these representatives. Keep the staff notified, as best as possible, to times of these visits – Usually scheduled over students’ lunch times.
D. Provide seniors with information on the Wisconsin Education Fair at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. Or, facilitate the opportunity to bring students to similar career fairs.
E. Provide other students the opportunity to attend workshops, college-sponsored fairs, or other events which would provide information for the students to use in preparing for their future in the post-secondary world.
F. Complete as necessary, School Counselor portions of college and/or vocational school applications.
G. Assist the Athletic Director with NCAA requirements and concerns. Including submitting courses for approval by the NCAA.

IV. Others Duties
A. Advocate for all students.
B. Be an active member of the leadership/administrative team at the middle/high school.
C. Maintain individual student guidance meeting records.
D. Prepare an annual budget for the guidance and testing program to be submitted at the appropriate time.
E. Keep in confidence any administrative, faculty/staff, or parent discussions/decisions.
F. Maintain professional, cooperative, and friendly relationships with students, parents, visitors, and all staff.
G. Demonstrate support of fellow employees and administration through actions and comments.
H. Attend meetings, workshops, conventions and training sessions when needed.
I. Work in conjunctions with Registrar/Scheduler to make sure final transcripts have been sent to all universities a graduate has applied for admission.
J. Perform other duties which are not outlined here, but are required for the smooth operation of the school and/or student achievement and/or the spiritual well being of the students, and are delegated by the Building Principal.