Pornography Resources

Pornography is more of a threat to marriages and families than ever before. Computers and mobile devices have made it accessible and anonymous. The barriers to temptation have been destroyed. That means that men – and the families that support them – need to be more vigilant and more deliberate about protecting themselves. These resources exist to help you do that.

If you or someone you love has already been affected by pornography, the resources here can also help you to recover your integrity and heal your relationships.


What does pornography do to a man? For starters, it robs him of the capacity to be a man. The essence of manhood consists in readiness to deny oneself for the good of a beloved. This is why Paul reminds husbands in his Letter to the Ephesians that their love must be like that of Christ, who allowed himself to be crucified for the sake of his beloved, the Church (Eph. 5:21–33). Learn about the effects of pornography on your life, and how to fight the habit.

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Covenant Eyes is more than Internet filtering. It’s also accountability software. The best way to protect your family against pornography is to consciously and deliberately support each family member. That’s why accountability is so important.

Internet Accountability monitors the websites visited, the search terms used, and the YouTube videos watched, and lists them in an easy-to-read Report that is designed to start a conversation about healthy online habits.

Parents, see where your kids go online. Adults, reduce Internet temptations and protect the relationships you value most.

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Overcoming the effects of pornography is a community effort. Integrity Restored has resources for individuals combatting pornography addiction, and those who support them: spouses, parents and clergy. Restore your integrity and begin healing your damaged relationships.

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How do you break away from unhealthy sexual practices, such as pornography and masturbation? We are often led to believe that we fall into these sins due to a lack of willpower, so the solution to overcoming them must be greater willpower. But Reclaim teaches a better way. It uses brain science in the light of faith to give you a more effective strategy for replacing the unhealthy sexual behavior with healthy, relationship-building behaviors. Their website offers free videos as well as a fully supported program that allows you to get the help you need without giving up your anonymity.

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