Natural Family Planning Methods


What method of Natural Family Planning should you study? In one sense, which method you choose doesn’t really matter. All of the modern methods of Natural Family Planning are based on solid science. They’re all very effective. There are some differences in the cost to learn each method and some of the methods are easier to learn than others. But in the end each method has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. So which method should you learn? It really comes down to a few points.

  1. Which method fits your lifestyle the best?
  2. Which method is most available to you?
  3. Which method are you willing to invest yourself into learning and mastering?

To help you make the best choice, this section of the website will explain the major differences between the methods of NFP.

There’s also a handy chart to show you the differences between the methods at a glance.

We also have a chart that compares Natural Family Planning as a whole with other methods of birth control.

Finally, here’s a little guide for you that gives you some important considerations for you to think about as you choose a method.