Sketches in Discernment

We invite you to walk with us through these Sketches in Discernment. These are images, analogies, and outlines which we have used in our Diocese of La Crosse for a number of years to help guide young people to come to a deeper awareness of God’s call in their lives and to help inspire them to seek and to follow that call.

Part I focuses on the universal call to holiness. While the focus in this website is going to be for priesthood, the application is much wider and these examples can be used in the classrooms in our Catholic schools, religious education classes, retreats, as well as to help those young people who visit this website help in their discernment. In a special way we would like to offer to teachers and those in charge of speaking about vocations ideas of how to invite young people to consider God’s call and mission for them.

Part II will focus more specifically on the call to and the importance of priesthood. Again the application can be extended to a wider audience, and it is important for other young men to hear the stories, because as we know, there are many who still don’t know that the Lord is calling them. Our prayer is that by hearing and listening to the stories and ideas expressed, there can awaken in them graces which the Lord wants to offer them as they open up their hearts to discernment.

Thank you for taking the time to read and listen.

Rev. Joseph W. Hirsch
Former Director of Vocations – Diocese of La Crosse

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