Paid Staff & Volunteers


Paid Staff and Volunteers in Parishes/Schools

Please complete the following steps:

1)    Fill out the appropriate forms listed below according to your position and return them to the parish Safe Environment Coordinator.

  • Basic Criminal Background Check Form - this is to be done every 3 years.  These are to be turned in to your parish contact (Religious Education, Youth Ministry, Secretary).  They will send them to the Diocesan Coordinator.  Please contact your parish coordinator to see if you are compliant.
  • Comprehensive Background Check - (FBI Release Form, fingerprint card, basic background check form) Please refer to the Safe Environment Program to see if you need to have this done (i.e. School teachers/admin/staff, Parish paid staff who have contacts with minors)
  • Confidential Questionnaire - Every year the original needs to be reviewed and signed.  Please contact your parish coordinator for this form.

2)  Complete the Safe Environment Training

If you have questions, please contact:

Safe Environment Program Coordinator
PO Box 4004
La Crosse, WI 54602-4004
Phone: (608)791-2679
Fax: (608)791-0165