Stewardship and Development Digital Church Resources

Strategies, tips, and sources for your parish communications during COVID-19.

The Church is Open — The Building is Closed
What does it look like to be an active participant in the body of Christ during a season where churches have temporarily shut their doors to keep COVID-19 from spreading?  LEARN MORE >>

With the recent health scare and temporary church closures, many church staffs have an immediate need for enhancements to their Church’s digital strategies. As we saw the wave of church videos posted online this past weekend, we were seeing some missed opportunities while pastors and church leadership scramble to prepare for Sunday. We put together seven practical steps your church and digital team can use during this time. LEARN MORE >>

Drive-up dinner with area Restaurants. Fundraising help parish and community businesses

Here is a great fundraising and community building idea from our neighbors to the south. St. John the Baptist in Waunakee. Here is a copy of a Facebook post.

This link will take you the news coverage

Info-graphic Tip to Share With Parishioners to Help Do More Than Cope

ACS Technology sent us this great info-graphic tip sheet to keep handy to help us thrive during our times of quarantine

Communications Strategies, Tips, and Examples.We can all use reminders

Here is a sample communication thought list for the various stages of the quarantine. This is a great time to update the census. (Source PSG)

Sample timeline in a graphical (Excel) spreadsheet format to help community engagement (Source CCS)

From our friend in the Diocese of Cincinnati Five tips for Stewardship during a time of Social Distancing

Sample Pastor Letter to his flock submitted by the Diocese of Charlotte

The Diocese of Toledo shared this, Practical Strategies for Engaging your parish Community

The Leadership Roundtable’s Pastoral Tip Sheet

The Leadership Roundtable’s Latino Ministry Tip Sheet

The Leadership Roundtable’s Parish Financial Managment Tip Sheet

The USCCB Resource Page


A template from Wheaton College for creating a disaster preparedness plan.  While this is for COVID response, it can be adopted for other disasters. Are you prepared to response for other community disasters, like a  tornado or flood? What if predictions come true and COVID returns in the fall? Will you be ready? 

Interim Guidance from the CDC specific to Faith-Based Organizations 

Archdiocese of Indianapolis Disaster Relief Page

A Planning Guide from our Episcopal brothers and sisters in Texas