COVID-19 Tech Resources

LogMeIn/GoTo is offering free for 90 days’ emergency remote work kits to those who need them. GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and LogMeIn Pro are some of the services they are offering. GoToMeeting would allow you to host virtual meetings with up to 300 participants. GoToWebinar would allow you to host a virtual meeting with up to 3,000 attendees. LogMeIn Pro would allow you to log in to your work computer from home.

Through one of our partners, we can placed a bulk request for our parishes. Please note, there have been many requests and they are taking some time to fulfil. Once we receive the licenses they will be available by contacting Zach.  You can submit your own request at also offers free licenses for virtual meetings lasting 40 minutes or less. Currently, if you are a K-12 school, you can request that Zoom remove the 40-minute limit if you contact them with a school email account. For parishes without a school, you can get discounted rates through

Webex has currently removed the restrictions on their free account.  You can have meetings with up to 100 participants for unlimited time.

** Please note, there have been reports of “Zoom bombing” where unwanted participants join a meeting and post obscene content.  Please use a password on your meetings (regardless of provider) to prevent this.

Mailchimp is a tool parishes can use to send bulk email messages to their parishioners. Mailchimp is free for those sending to 2,000 recipients or less.

Please remember every parish has MyParishApp, which can be used to communicate with your parishioners.

Youtube Live Streaming is an effective way to post live video to your parishioners. Many parishes are using this to post daily and Sunday Mass.

*In order to stream to YouTube live from your phone app, you need at least 1,000 subscribers to your channel. You can do it with a computer or webcam without 1,000 subscribers… just not your phone.

Facebook Live is another effective means to live stream to your parishioners. Please note that there were issues streaming to Facebook this past Sunday.

If you have any other needs or questions, feel free to contact Zach Tudahl 608-791-2662