2023 Diocese of La Crosse Annual Appeal

“Where one alone may be overcome, two together can resist.
A three-ply cord is not easily broken.”

Loneliness has become a pervasive and heart-wrenching reality for many in the ever-changing landscape of the modern world. People yearn for connection, belonging and understanding in the depths of solitude. During these challenging times, the Catholic Church and our Diocese of La Crosse provide hope and the antidotes for this loneliness.
The Catholic Church is a place of communion, forging bonds of Jesus Christ’s love through shared Faith and fellowship. The Catechism of the Catholic Church reinforces this by saying, “Christ stands at the heart of this gathering of men into the ‘family of God… Jesus calls all people to come together around him.’” (CCC 542) Our Catholic Faith and the love of our Lord provide a sanctuary for the lonely. Our churches are welcoming places of worship where one readily feels acceptance, community and belonging.

In these sacred worship spaces, we encounter the divine presence and experience the profound comfort of knowing that with God, we are never truly alone. By supporting the Diocesan Annual Appeal with an open heart and a spirit of solidarity, our prayers and financial contributions, regardless of their size, can strengthen the very fabric of our Diocesan family, empowering us to extend our reach to those most in need.

The Diocesan Annual Appeal plays a vital role in nurturing and building relationships of solidarity. “As the Church, we gather around Jesus Christ, who is the seed and beginning of that kingdom.” (CCC 541) Through our contributions, we become instruments of God’s grace, empowering our diocesan family to touch lives, mend hearts and lift spirits. Together, we create a tapestry of Faith woven with threads of compassion that uplifts the weary and inspires hope in those who have lost their way.


“Pope Benedict XVI says that charity is the heart of the Church if you don’t have an avid charitable life, then the community and the Church starts to deteriorate.”

– Rev John Zweber

“It’s all about being good stewards of what God has blessed us with.”

– Very Rev Jessie Burish

“Even though we have differences, there is something that brings us together: God, Christ, Faith, heaven, salvation”

– Rev. Emmanuel Kofi Asamoah-Bekoe

 “We Seek perfection, but without unity, we cannot be perfect because perfection comes from unity.”

– Rev. Gregory Michaud

“Being together at Mass is where we encounter and support one another. You cannot underestimate the importance of being at Sunday Mass and how it benefits those around you.” 

Very Rev. Douglas Robertson

2021-2022 Diocesan Annual Appeal Disbursements $5,788,535

Vocations, Priest, Deacons, Religious and Concentrated Life

Support for the Wider Church (Collections, Missions, and Works of Charity)

Parish Ministry Support

Parish Service Support

Catholic Schools

Contact Information

Office for Stewardship and Development
Phone: 608.791.2653
Fax: 608.788.3854

Jeffrey A. Reiter, Director

Sarah Komperud, Administrative Assistant