Diocesan Annual Appeal  2019-2020

We work together for your joy, for you stand firm in the faith.
– 2 Corinthians 1:24

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I often hear from young parishioners trying to discern how to live and express their faith in real and tangible ways. Some came to believe that the only way to serve the church is to become a Proclaimer of the Word at Mass or an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. While these are necessary and highly visible callings of ministry, they are not the only ones.

Never should anyone walk away from Christ’s Church, thinking there is no room for him or her in ministry. While we may encounter an abundance of individuals performing a particular ministry, we should not disillusion ourselves that we are not needed or wanted. There is much to do in the church and by His grace so many ways to offer ourselves; our time, talents, and treasure, we serve our Lord and each other.

Of course, the best way to discern what God is calling us to do is to begin by praying about it. Converse with God in quiet thought and reflection about how best to use your time, talents, and treasures; offer yourself in the fashion of Samuel, saying, “Here I am! Speak Lord; your servant is listening.” 

You might be amazed how God could be calling you to minister – perhaps it is helping clean the church, ministering to the homebound, serving as a Catechist, or serving on a council or committee. Remember it was Christ who said, “The harvest is abundant; the laborers are few.”

While our time and talents are a definite need, your financial treasure is the temporal foundation of the Church’s ministry. It is a vital part of the fruitful Church’s ministry as any other function. Today I am again asking you to consider prayerfully investing in the Diocesan Annual Appeal. Your investment in the Annual Appeal works together with the 38 other ministerial efforts; sharing the joy of the gospel and building up of the Kingdom. Keeping in mind that prayer is always the starting point, ask and listen; you will hear God’s voice in your heart, directing you on how you are to join in the works of our faith.

Most Rev. William Patrick Callahan,
Bishop of the Diocese of La Crosse

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