Buildings and Grounds

The Diocesan Buildings and Grounds department administers and assists all parishes and schools in the La Crosse Diocese regarding their facilities. Our work includes service to pastors and administrators to help maintain and keep their facilities in the most functional condition while continuing to improve the facilities through project management.  We are here to support the schools and parishes, by being good stewards to our facilities and ensuring that they are safe and effectively maintained.

The Diocesan Buildings and Grounds department have a legal responsibility to manage any asbestos or hazardous materials that may be in a school or parish facility.  State and federal guidelines are put in place and enforced for proper regulation. We work with state-certified environmental consultants who help us recognize and remove these hazardous materials that remain in many of our facilities.

The Diocesan Buildings and Grounds department have a moral and conscious responsibility to make sure the parishes and schools are safe, adhering to regulations and are fiscally responsible in regards to building projects.

    Services Provided

    • Referral for construction, mechanical, electrical and other building-related matters.
    • Assisting parish/school with project paperwork for contract review.
    • Convening Building Commission meetings for Capital Improvements.
    • Scheduling and coordination of asbestos inspectors and contractors.
    •  Asbestos regulation, consultation, and awareness training.

    Risk Management Resources

    Contact Information

    Office of Buildings and Grounds
    Phone: 608.791.2692
    Fax: 608.787.9802

    Diocesan Finance Officer

    Kathy Haverland, Administrative Assistant