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Children’s hearts are delicate, and their consciences are incredibly impressionable.  This is why so many Catholic School families choose to send their children to one of our sixty-six schools.  Our teachers proclaim Christ’s love for each individual while openly praying for and with their students.  Within Catholic Schools we work so each person knows the virtue of hope and is able to combat the evils of temptation.  Enlightening a child’s heart as well his or her mind is at the core of everything Catholic School educators do.

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Thomas Reichenbacher, Superintendent

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Religious Certification Program

General information and forms on certification pertinent to Catholic Schools and Parishes.

Theology of the Body

Parent Summaries – Middle School and High School

Bishop Callahan Welcomes New Catholic School Administrators: Danielle, Jessica, Gwen, Dcn. Hilts, Kaylyn, Ray, Mark, and Caleb.
Taken August 2023

Congratulations to the teachers and principals who earned their principal licensure through the Diocese of La Crosse and Viterbo University’s Catholic School Leadership Cohort.
Left to right: Michelle Kapfhamer, Tara Key, Sally Wenzel, Father Daniel Sedlacek, Tiffany Wittmus, Jill Fortin, and Mary Kiefer.

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