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Seeking to support parish commitment to social ministry while defending human life and dignity.

Valentyna Pavsyukova
Founder and President of Chalice of Mercy, a certified 501(c)(3)

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Help the Suffering People of Ukraine

Christian love transcends politics

An Appeal for Prayers and Financial Support

The people of Ukraine continue to suffer horrific missile and drone attacks from Russian forces, often aimed at population centers, critical infrastructure, and power stations (with the intent of causing massive blackouts). Please consider donating to Valentyna Pavsyukova’s extraordinarily effective mission, Chalice of Mercy, to help pay for continued shipments of vital clothing, medical supplies, and much more. With her dedicated network in the U.S. and Ukraine, Valentyna is able to get these supplies (including millions of dollars’ worth of donated medical equipment) from Wisconsin to the people in the war zone in the space of just ten days. This is all done at a discounted rate through her shipping partners, but it must be done by air, so the costs are still considerable. This mission is rooted in Jesus Christ and sanctified by much prayer and many Holy Masses. Your prayers and donations are deeply appreciated!

Past Media Coverage of Valentyna Pavsyukova and Chalice of Mercy Mission to Ukraine

Note: Chalice of Mercy was founded by Valentyna Pavsyukova as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2007, and is in good standing with the Diocese of La Crosse.

Chalice of Mercy

All Profits Go to Support Chalice of Mercy Mission in Ukraine.

Chalice of Mercy is a non-profit charitable organization registered in Wisconsin with 501 (C) (3) Status.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is also providing Ukraine relief.


Wisconsin Bishops Address Vaccination
and Conscience Protection

Wisconsin’s bishops have issued a statement in which – while urging Catholics who are eligible to seek vaccination as a means to protect themselves and others – they address the ability of individuals to seek exemption from COVID-19 vaccination mandates based on conscience objection.

Blessed Brother

James Miller, Martyr and
Witness to the Gospel
Feast Day Feb. 13

Wisconsin Bishops Speak Out
Against Equality Act

Wisconsin’s Catholic bishops join with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in opposing the Equality Act of 2021 (H.R. 5). While all people must be treated with dignity and respect, efforts to prevent discrimination cannot foster inequality and intolerance of religion and people of faith. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution specifically protects free speech and the free exercise of faith, as both are essential for a free and open society….


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