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Bambino Jesù (“Baby Jesus”)
Christmas Collection for Ukraine
November 14 – December 11, 2022

Valentyna Pavsyukova
Founder and President of Chalice of Mercy, a certified 501(c)(3)

As we approach the Christmas season, Chalice of Mercy Mission to Ukraine is holding a Bambino Jesù (“Baby Jesus”) collection. During this time of war and desperate suffering, we can reach out with prayer and concrete help. Many families have lost their homes and jobs, many children have lost their parents, and parents their children. The elderly are in need of special care. And because of the continual bombings, many people have lost limbs and need prostheses.

Since Feb. 24, 2022, the day Russia’s full invasion of Ukraine began, Chalice of Mercy has been able to help literally hundreds of thousands of people by sending more than 460 pallets – weighing over 200 tons – of medical supplies and equipment, over-the-counter medicines and hygiene items, clothing, baby supplies, and much more, for a total value of more than 21 million dollars. An incredible team of Chalice of Mercy volunteers in Ukraine helps distribute the items. God is awakening so many hearts and bringing about so many conversions in Ukraine thanks to the goodness, charity, and teamwork of people in our La Crosse Diocese. Ukrainians are deeply touched to know that people care about them and desire to relieve their suffering.

If you wish to show the generous spirit of Christmas to someone in Ukraine, please consider donating at one of the collection sites, from the items indicated on the needs list. All these gifts will be shipped by air and will arrive before Christmas and be distributed by my trusted Chalice of Mercy team in Ukraine.  If you wish to make a financial donation, please scan the QR Code below, or visit

May Jesus bless you in this Holy Season!

Valentyna Pavsyukova,
Founder and President of Chalice of Mercy

Note: Chalice of Mercy was founded by Valentyna Pavsyukova as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2007, and is in good standing with the Diocese of La Crosse.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is also providing Ukraine relief.


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