Building a Culture of Missionary Discipleship in the Catholic Parish

Webinar Conversations with Ann Lankford and Dr. Carole Brown


Dr. Carole Brown has over 30 years of experience in church ministry. Her particular interest is in helping the Church to build “a culture of conversion” — or  we could call it “a culture of missionary discipleship.” She did her PhD studying Pope Saint John Paul II’s approach to the conversion of the baptized. In this brief introduction, Carole relates how she developed a relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ, which is the most important aspect of our faith life.

Time:  12 minutes

Session 1 – Why does the Church need the New Evangelization?

The primary reason that Catholics give, when they leave the Church for evangelical churches, is that “I didn’t meet Jesus in a meaningful way as a Catholic.”  We need an intentional plan to help Catholics have a personal encounter with Jesus that roots them in the Catholic Faith.

Time:  9 minutes

Session 2 – Our mission is clarified

“The Church wishes to serve this single end that each person may be able to find Christ so that Christ may walk with each person the path of life…”

Time:  9 minutes

Session 3 – Understanding Conversion:  What does a Fulfilled Conversion look like?

In this video, Dr. Brown discusses nine aspects or dynamics of a fulfilled conversion and contrasts it with a less complete experience that is more typical of what we have come to expect.

Time:  32 minutes

Session 4 – Jenny Meets Kate:  What evangelization looks like

Shifting from a distorted idea of evangelization, this short video depicts the process of leading another person to faith in the context of friendship and outlines several Catholic principles of evangelization in action.

Time:  34 minutes

Session 5 – A Game Plan

Transcription of the video on the Game Plan. It is helpful to read the 2 1/2 page transcription before watching the video.

How do we lay a consistent path for anyone in the parish to come to a living relationship with Jesus? This video presents a practical method and tool for doing so.

Time:  16 minutes

Session 6 – Multiplying Discipleship in the Parish

Multiplying discipleship is the method Jesus used when He first established the Church. This video shows how that same method can be used today to renew our parish communities.  

Time:  27 minutes



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