Vicar for Clergy Office

The Vicar for Clergy Office assists the bishop of the diocese by providing support to the priests and deacons in the Diocese of La Crosse by:

  • Responding to matters concerning the spiritual, physical, and psychological health of the priests and deacons of the Diocese
  • Coordinating continuing education programs and sabbaticals for diocesan clergy
  • Concerning matters of priest personnel, acting as the Bishop’s last recourse in the resolution of conflicts

Evenings of Recollection 2023-2024

Please contact Renee at 608-791-2652 or email at

Letters of Suitability

All priests and deacons from outside the Diocese of La Crosse requesting to participate in any ministerial activity are to have a Letter of Suitability provided to the Office for the Vicar of Clergy prior to the date of the activity. The Letter of Suitabilty can be emailed to Teresa Brown at or sent via fax to 608-791-0165 or sent via US Mail to Diocese of La Crosse, Office of Safe Environment, PO Box 4004, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54602-4004.

Contact Information

Rev. Woodrow Pace, Vicar for Clergy

Renee’ Deters Orth, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 608.791.2652
Fax: 608.791.0176