Office for Family Life

The Office for Family Life places itself at the service of parishes and families
so that they can answer their call to holiness and help form communities
of love and life in Jesus Christ. Our primary goal is to help families
become what they are by realizing these four tasks:

  • Forming a Community of Persons
  • Serving Life
  • Participating in the development of Society
  • Sharing in the life and mission of the Church

Why Get Married in the Catholic Church?
That’s a question that has increasing relevance
to many Catholics. Learn More >>

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Marriage and Family

Marriage Retreats for Engaged Couples

A list of the retreats offered in our diocese.

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Men's Ministry

Whether you are a seasoned dad, a new dad, a dad-to-be, or a single guy wanting to know more about fatherhood, there is something for you.

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Women's Ministry

The desire for community – Bringing together women of all ages and stages of spiritual maturity

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FOCCUS Marriage Ministries

A comprehensive, user-friendly tool for use by lay individuals, couples or professionals who are helping couples prepare for marriage.

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Youth & Young Adult Ministry


Are you or someone you know in a struggling marriage?


Divorce is difficult and messy. When a Roman Catholic experiences divorce, there is much confusion, from receiving communion to an understanding of the annulment process, the Catholic Church’s views on dating, and certainly the issue of remarriage. Catholic women and men struggle to find support and healing from divorce. Hopefully this site provides needed support. Learn More >>

End of Life

In this third millennium, our society is blessed by advances in science and technology. This is especially true in the area of medicine and health care. Medical science presents a vast array of treatments and procedures that offer both cure and care to those who suffer from illness and infirmity. At the same time, these medical procedures present individuals and their families with agonizing questions regarding the use of this technology to sustain human life. In a culture and society where an estimated 75–80% of us will die in some kind of institutional setting, we are all likely to face difficult decisions regarding treatment and care at the end of life.


Theology of the Body Unlocks the Meaning of Our Humanity


Congratulations!  As a parent, God has entrusted the well-being of your children to you. He has called you to be the first and the most important person in the life of your children. You are the ‘primary educator; with three main duties:

  1. Create a family atmosphere animated with love and reverence for God and others so that each child becomes personally and spiritually well-rounded.
  2. Develop a strong and lasting bond of trust with each child so that each one will become emotionally and socially mature.
  3. Set godly standards and expectations for each child so that each one will develop moral character.

Pornography is extremely addictive and damaging to a person’s ability to give and receive love.  This page has some valuable resources.

Same Sex Attraction

This web page contains a collection of on-line articles, videos, websites, books and frequently asked questions that provide a clearer understanding of Catholic Church teaching in reference to same sex attraction. The resources focus on such foundational topics as human dignity, friendship, chastity, pastoral care, marriage, same sex attraction and the effects of living a homosexual lifestyle and are meant to be explored collectively. The suggested audience is found under each resource. 

Grief Ministry

Great things coming soon. 

Catholic Life Articles

Here are a few Catholic Life articles. To read the full article, click on the blue colored title.

  • A Wedding CelebrationA Wedding Celebration
    Peter and Annette Beaver celebrate 70 years of married life St. Wenceslaus Church was the setting where Peter and Annette (Nettie) Beaver renewed their marriage vows on Sunday, May 15, 2022. Father Mariapackiam Pitchai-Savari (Father Packi) led the couple in reciting the familiar words of fidelity and love and invoked… Read more »
  • Hope Brings HealingHope Brings Healing
    Faith and Music Help Dan Recover from a Sudden Illness Music has always been an important part of Dan and Moira Kneer’s life. “We both come from musical families and live by the old adage, music is praying twice,” Moira says with a smile. So, it’s not surprising when Dan… Read more »
  • A working marriageA working marriage
    Mike and LaVonne nurture their gifts of family and Faith Mike and LaVonne Hundt have a strong partnership. Their 29-year marriage and family was built with sweat, tears and love, all powered by Faith. Like so many Catholics, Mike and LaVonne learned they needed God with them in their marriage.… Read more »
  • Marriage Is God’s PlanMarriage Is God’s Plan
    My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their four sons, four daughters and spouses. There were lots of laughs and tears as we shared stories of family life. It was a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the importance of marriage as the foundation of their many years together as… Read more »
  • Marriage as a path to holinessMarriage as a path to holiness
    “Never go to bed angry. Make sure you spend time together. Make sure you pray together.” Newlyweds hear these adages time and time again and, while they seem trivial, they hold wisdom. Derek and Faythe Weinmann have taken these words to heart. Having been married just shy of two years,… Read more »

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