Welcome to the Office for Marriage & Family Life!

The Office for Marriage and Family Life places itself at the service of parishes and families so that they can answer their call to holiness and help form communities of love and life in Jesus Christ. Our primary goal is to help families become what they are by realizing these four tasks:

  • Forming a Community of Persons
  • Serving Life
  • Participating in the development of Society
  • Sharing in the life and mission of the Church

God’s Plan for the Family and Why it Matters

by Matthew Canter Have you ever wondered if God has a plan for your family? He does, and if we think of our bodies as blueprints, we might come to a conclusion as to what that plan for the family is. We can see this plan in how we are created as male and female and how we are made to respond to one another. Let me explain. In the realm of marriage, all intimate actions must share in a unitive and procreative nature to fulfill the expectation that our love be self-giving and divinely appointed. Such expectations about conjugal … Continue reading God’s Plan for the Family and Why it Matters

Have you heard what the Pope says will make you happy?

In 2016, Pope Francis provided a news reporter his top ten list of behaviors that will bring happiness. Here is his list! 1. Live and let live. 2. Give yourself to others. 3. Move calmly. 4. Play – especially with kids. 5. Spend Sunday with family. 6. Help young people find work. 7. Take care of the environment. 8. Quickly forget the negative. 9. Respect those who think differently. 10. Actively seek peace.

Eat, Drink and Be Married

by Steve and Kathy Beirne Whether you’re a family of 2 or a family of 8, get into the habit of having family mealtime together! Most couples start their life as a family of two. Sometimes it’s hard to think of yourselves as a family when there are just the two of you, but you are indeed a family. And from the beginning, it’s a great idea to establish family meals. The evidence is overwhelming that the family meal is a huge benefit to children. What used to be the norm is now something families have to learn to do … Continue reading Eat, Drink and Be Married

An Unhappy Spouse is an Unhealthy Spouse

by Steve and Kathy Beirne When I was first out of college, I worked as a social worker in an adoption agency. My work was called “supervision,” but what it meant was that I visited the homes where babies or children had already been placed and checked in on how they were doing. I was there to give them advice on child development, and listen to their account of how things were going with the child and with the integration of the child into the family. It was a really interesting job, one in which I learned a lot. One … Continue reading An Unhappy Spouse is an Unhealthy Spouse

Catholic Life Articles

  • He said: I want to talk with the priest about strengthening our marriage.

    She said: 
Why would we talk to a priest; 
he’s never been married? How would 
he know how to help a marriage? You may be surprised to know that priests know quite a bit about marriage. Let’s remember that priests do not come into the world as ordained men. They are born as a son […]

  • Why should we go to them when our marriage is already solid?

    Our parish offers programs to improve our marriage. Why should we go to them when our marriage is already solid? This is a common question; one that is often asked by couples who are comfortable in their marriage and who have no pressing issues at the moment. Thus, they can easily think they know what […]

  • She says: We got married too young. I never really got to be single or date other people.

    He says: We’ve been married for 10 years; why is she having doubts now? This couple should be reassured it is common for spouses to experience doubt within marriage. In fact, marriage research points to the first decade of marriage as the toughest because of the challenges and transitions that typically occur. Let’s take a […]

  • Spending time with Jesus

    Church of the Resurrection Parish in Wausau Devotion to the Eucharist and the Blessed Mother have guided Mary Stankowski to her true vocation of motherhood The light of Christ in the Eucharist and the love of the Blessed Mother have guided Mary Stankowski through life. Her devotion began as a young Catholic girl living in […]

  • Marriage Matters

    Q: “We attended the Easter Vigil with my family and afterwards my mom asked me if we would ever consider getting our marriage blessed, since we were not married in the Catholic Church. That got us thinking, what would we need to do to enter into a sacramental marriage? A: All Catholics who marry without a […]