2024 Finance Seminar

Wednesday, May 22, 2024  | The Lodge
Mauston, WI 

2020 Parish Finance Seminar

2022 Parish Spring Finance Seminar April 7,2022 YouTube video, 2.5 hours

2022 Employee Retention Credit June 14 webinar. Dan Bergs CPA discusses how parishes can apply for money for having retained staff during the Covid period. YouTube video, approximately 1 hour.

2022 Parish Summer Finance Seminar July 21,2022 YouTube video, 2.5 hours

2022 Parish Fall Finance Seminar October 12, 2022 YouTube video, 2 hours. Focus on the parish financial Annual Report.

2023 Mutual of America Webinar January 4 YouTube video, 1.25 hour. Instructions for using Mutual of America new webtool for employee 403(b) plan

2023 Parish Winter Finance Webinar February 15, 2023 YouTube video, 2.33 hours. Updates on various parish financial topics.

Diocese of La Crosse Investment Policy Statement (IPS) January, 2023

2024 BMO-TP Reconciliation Webinar, tutorial to reconcile the transfer of investments from BMO to TP.

2024 Parish Winter Finance Webinar February 15, 2024 YouTube video, 2 hours. Updates on various parish financial topics. Click this link for the webinar presentation. 

2024 Spring Quarterly Endowment Update  April 9, 2024 YouTube video, 50 minutes. Into to TrustPoint, quarterly results recap. 

Jessica Kirchner, Moen Sheehan Meyer, Ltd.
    Ben Burrow – Catholic Mutual
    James Reider – Temporalities
    Human Resources
    PNQ Accounting Project

    Contact Information

    Office of Temporalities

    James Reider, Finance Officer
    Phone: 608.791.2668

    Kurt Jereczek, Staff Accountant
    Phone: 608.791.0171

    Claudia Weinberger, Auditor/Staff Accountant/Parish Accounting Support
    Phone: 608.791.2695

    Kathy Haverland, Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 608.791.2692