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Learn what makes each method unique so you can decide which one fits you best.

The following Natural Family Planning methods are available in the Diocese of LaCrosse

NFP In-Person Class - Marshfield

St. John the Baptist Parish
201 W Blodgett St  |  Marshfield, WI 54449
10:00 AM – 1:00PM on:

  • Sunday, June 25
  • Sunday, July 9
  • Sunday, July 23

Please contact Christy Kitzhaber at or 715-486-5733 to register

SymptoPro is a symptom-thermal method of NFP that instructs couples how to observe and interpret the cervical fluid, the basal body temperature, cervical changes and various other secondary signs.  Online self-paced classes, with a personal instructor. Face to Face classes by request, dependent on location.  Charting is encouraged.


The Marquette Model is a hormone monitoring method of NFP that teaches couples how to monitor the two female hormones that influence fertility, using the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor.  Face to Face and virtual classes are offered by our In-Diocese instructor. Distance Ed classes are available through Whole Mission.  Charting is required.

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System is a standardized model of the ovulation method that is typically taught in a medical setting. It provides couples with a defined grading system for cervical fluids. Because of its standardization, charts tracked in this method can be used to detect underlying menstrual cycle irregularities.  Face to Face and virtual classes are offered by our in Diocese instructor. Charting is required.

The Billings Ovulation Method® is a simple NFP method which teaches a woman/couple to recognizes patterns of fertility and infertility by recording the daily sensation and observation of mucus she naturally notices as she goes about her day. The method can be used to prevent or achieve pregnancy and is appropriate for all stages of life including adolescents, breastfeeding, irregular cycles, and nearing menopause. When used as instructed, the Billings Ovulation Method® is up to 99% effective for preventing pregnancy. Instruction is available in-person or virtually.

Video & Blog Resources

A new generation of medical professionals is embracing true women’s health through the new scientific approach to natural family planning

This video is intended to give a brief glimpse behind the truth about NFP as seen through the eyes of real couples actually practicing and teaching its beautiful gift to marriages.

Shawn and Nicki from Our Lady of Peace parish share their experience with using Natural Family Planning in their marriage.

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