Matrimonial Tribunal

Divorce is unique among life experiences.  There is no precedent that can prepare an individual for it.  Divorce is a process, not an event.  Legal divorce can be pinpointed to a moment in time, to the signing of a court decision, but not so the experience of divorce.  The experience of divorce is the result of a series of incidents that eventually erode a relationship between a husband and wife.  The ending of any marriage that has endured long enough for the two partners to invest portions of their lives, money, emotions, and dreams is often a devastating experience.

Persons who have experienced the heartbreak of divorce are in need of much healing. One of the healing ministries of the Church open to the divorced is the annulment process.  It is a unique way of bringing closure to a sad chapter in life.  The annulment process may very well reveal that though two people struggled mightily to sustain a relationship, something essential to marital consent was lacking from the beginning, and therefore, the union could not be sustained.

The annulment process is a procedure that cleans up some of the spiritual damage left over from a divorce.  One aspect of that damage is the inability of the divorced person to enter another valid marriage at any time in any place.  The nullity declaration, if that is the outcome of the investigation, is a declaration that a person’s marriage really wasn’t a true marriage, and therefore, the divorced person is able to marry in the Church as though for the first time.

If you are in need of this healing ministry of the church, consider submitting a preliminary form.  You can download the form here, or you may request it from our office by telephone.

Additionally, I would invite you to visit the web page for the Office of Marriage and Family Life.  It contains a wealth of resources for individuals struggling with separation and divorce.

May God Bless You,

Msgr. Robert Hundt, J.C.L.
Judicial Vicar


Petition for a Declaration of Nullity

Petition for a Declaration of Nullity – PDF

Petition for a Declaration of Nullity – PDF Fillable Form (Make sure you use Adobe Acrobat to complete this form)

Application for the Shorter Form of Annulment

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