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The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries provides training, resources and diocesan-wide youth events to assist Directors of Youth Ministry as they strive to fully incorporate young people into the life of their parish.

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Catholic Life Articles

Here are a few Catholic Life articles. To read the full article, click on the blue colored title.

  • How Should I Act?How Should I Act?
    In order to live a life of joy, peace and fulfillment, we need to develop good habits. These good habits, also referred to as virtues, strengthen us to withstand temptations from outside influences, as well as from within our own heart, that would otherwise lead us into sin. This growth… Read more »
  • My Visible Body and Invisible SoulMy Visible Body and Invisible Soul
    The “Language of the Body” You know another person’s inner emotions through facial expressions, gestures and other actions. You reveal your love for your son or daughter by taking them to soccer practice, going for a walk, preparing a special birthday meal, and so forth. These bodily actions reveal your… Read more »
  • Who Am I? Discovering My True IdentityWho Am I? Discovering My True Identity
    Today’s middle schoolers face new pressure. Social networking and the whole gamut of virtual reality present new horizons of connectivity, yet often without real engagement, adding to the hard task of early adolescents finding their identity. We need a message of hope that is more powerful than the glitter of… Read more »
  • From convert to missionary Derek answers God’s callFrom convert to missionary Derek answers God’s call
    Derek Edwards of La Crosse accepted the invitation of his girlfriend to come to church and, as a high school junior, converted to Catholicism. The relationship ended before he went to college, though, and Derek had to decide whether to continue to grow in his Faith. He met with the… Read more »
  • Youth missionaries – Sons and daughters of GodYouth missionaries – Sons and daughters of God
    The future of society is in the hands of our youth. This can be traced back to the beginning of time. Knowing this, we teach our children family traditions and beliefs to be passed on to the next generation. With peer pressure and worldly influences, educating children to be disciples… Read more »

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