Making this Summer Wonderful

Astonish your children this summer – fill them with awe and wonder!

Like most moms and dads, parents are making plans for summer activities. Some send their kids to summer school, others to park and recreation programs. Many make provisions for summer day care because they have to work while school is out. Thankfully, most of the parents have made plans to do special activities with their children this summer; activities that will astonish their children.

What does it mean to astonish your children? Simply, astonishment fills someone with sudden and overpowering surprise and wonder. It is the “take your breath” away moment where your children’s eyes stretch wide open and their mouth opens to a sweetly shaped circle as the sound of an “ohhhhh” escapes. It is the time when their back straightens ever so slightly and they grab your hand to make sure that you are there experiencing the same thing they are. It is a quick turn of their head along with an intense gaze as they ask you, “did you see that?”

Astonishment is the key ingredient for a wonderful summer. It has the ability to turn boring into extraordinary. Look at our long list of ideas to make this summer astonishing.