Catholic Life Articles

  • Prayer – A profound work of mercy

    As director of the diocesan Lay Formation Institute, I’ve found a new way to begin our monthly formation weekends at St. Anthony’s Spirituality Center in Marathon. This new way has turned out to be an eye-opening path of mercy. It started simply. I routinely reserved the first 15 minutes prior to Friday evening class for […]

  • Leo Jacoby Faithful Servant

    Growing up in Greensburg, Pa., Leo Jacoby was the third of four children whose father was a philosophy professor at Seton Hill College, founded by the Sisters of Charity. His mother was a part-time teacher to homebound children and chiefly a homemaker. It was at Seton Hill that Leo, after graduating from Boston College with […]

  • Firewood lessons

    The story of a man, a parish and the faith and history they share William “Bill” Hahn grew up a hardworking farm boy just outside the small town of Pittsville. He grew up at a time when a firm handshake was synonymous with a solemn promise and that, at all times, “right is right.” He […]

  • Spreading the good news

    Bob and Barb Zupancich bake evangelization into their parish life Evangelization takes on many forms. There are no hard-set rules as to how Catholics should spread the good news. Following church teachings and being an example and inspiration to others, in whatever method works best for us, is what’s important. Inspiration for Bob and Barb […]

  • From Ukraine, with love

      I look on, with Valentyna and Father Pablo, as Dr. Valderrabano (“Santi”) makes a post-operative visit to his patients.We are in the main hospital in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.   Chris reflects on his experience during the Chalice of Mercy Medical Mission in Kiev, Ukraine. It is late September and I am taking […]