Opening our minds and hearts to Christ through Praying with Scripture

Our relationship with the Lord Himself is what really matters. So, how can we dispose our hearts to hear from the Lord personally? How does He speak directly, concretely, recognizably, to our hearts? One of the most reliable and privileged meeting places for this real, speaking-listening relationship to take place is in the prayerful pondering of Scripture. The Praying with Scripture “worksheet” is a way of praying with a Bible passage which contains a progression that we can use to help open our ears and hearts to the Lord’s very personal word to us. Once you become familiar with the pattern and progression contained in the worksheet, it will become an automatic and habitual way of praying with Scripture.

Directions to accompany the use of
“Praying with Scripture”
Lectio Divina
prayer worksheet
For all Ages.

Prayer with Scripture


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