Catholic Cemeteries in the Diocese of La Crosse

                            This guide is arranged by county and was last update June 2024.

Adams County


St. Ann Cemetery (also called Mount Calvary Cemetery)

Coordinates: 43.82850, -89.64820


St. Leo Cemetery   

 Coordinates: 43.97360, -89.83830

Pilot Knob (Township of Richfield)

St. Methodius Cemetery (also called Pilot Knob Cemet

Coordinates: 43.96320, -89.64750

Buffalo County

Buffalo City

St. Anna Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.24201, -91.86027

Fountain City

St. Mary (Immaculate Conception) Cemetery’s-cemetery

Coordinates: 44.13470, -91.71610

Glencoe (an unincorporated community in the Township of Glencoe)

St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.24940, -91.56110

S2399 Cemetery Rd, Arcadia


Sacred Heart Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.57047, -91.65107

Mondovi (Township of Canton)

St. Patrick Cemetery   

Coordinates: 44.57300, -91.78240

Upper Montana Ridge (unincorporated community of Lookout in the Township of Dover)

Saints Peter & Paul Cemetery  

Coordinates: 44.40610, -91.56640


St. Boniface Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.30220, -91.70080

Chippewa County


Saint Paul and Saint Jude North Catholic Cemetery

Coordinates: 45.11696, -91.49002

Saint Paul South Catholic Cemetery

Coordinates: 45.09310, -91.48453

Bloomer (Brush Prairie)

St. Catherine Cemetery

Coordinates: 45.12080, -91.42060


St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.94390, -91.06420


St. Rose of Lima Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.94280, -91.20190

Chippewa Falls

Calvary Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.94750, -91.38970

Hope Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.94528, -91.38878

Cooks Valley

St. John the Baptist Cemetery

Coordinates: 45.08448, -91.52156

Drywood (Township of Arthur)

St. Anthony Cemetery

Coordinates: 45.04540, -91.16700

13981 250th St, Cadott

Edson Township

Sacred Heart Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.92853, -91.03869


St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 45.20810, -91.11080

Huron (Township of Colburn)

St. Mary Cemetery’s-cemetery  

Coordinates: 45.11996, -90.98327


Holy Family Cemetery (formerly St. Mary Cemetery)

Coordinates: 44.95580, -90.92640


            St. Peter Cemetery


            Coordinates: 45.00540, -91.44000

            11358 County Highway Q

Clark County


St. Stephen Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.63080, -90.35540


            St. Mary Catholic Cemetery


            Coordinates: 44.90230, -90.33610

Czestochowa (Junction in the Township of Thorp)

St. Mary Czestochowa Cemetery

Coordinates: 45.01008, -90.89787

W11686 Elm Road, Junction

Fairview (Humbird in the Township of Mentor)

St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.57122, -90.92308

N13744 Fairview Rd


St. Mary Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.76390, -90.58830


St. Anthony Cemetery   

Coordinates: 44.74970, -90.4967


St. Mary Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.56810, -90.58470


St. Bernard Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.96630, -90.79290

St. Hedwig New Cemetery in the City of Thorp

Coordinates: 44.96530, -90.79110

St. Hedwig Old Cemetery (Township of Withee)

Coordinates: 44.96110, -90.76190


Holy Family Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.72810, -90.72530

Crawford County


St. Wenceslaus Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.15937, -91.02325

Gays Mills

St. Mary Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.32440, -90.83920

Mount Zion (Township of Scott)      Former Catholic cemetery owned by the Township of Scott since 2007.

St. Patrick Cemetery or Georgetown Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.23970, -90.69560

Prairie du Chien

Calvary Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.07055, -91.15063

St. Gabriel Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.05850, -91.14530

Rising Sun

St. James Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.41048, -90.9560

Rolling Ground

St. Philip Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.32804, -90.71957

42678 Church Rd, Soldiers Grove


St. Patrick Cemetery  

Coordinates: 43.26030, -90.96320

Kneeland Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.22238, -90.94564

54114 County Road E, Steuben, WI 54657


Sacred Heart Cemetery  

Coordinates: 43.08690, -90.87700

Dunn County

Eau Galle

St. Henry Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.69750, -92.02080

Elk Mound

St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.85560, -91.70580


St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.88360, -91.91500

Intersection of NE 2nd Ave and 13th St SE, Menomonie

Rock Falls (unincorporated community in the Township of Rock Creek)

St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.72038, -91.68642

Eau Claire County

Brackett (Township of Washington)

Holy Guardian Angels Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.67750, -91.32310

Eau Claire (City of)

Calvary Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.78390, -91.44360

Sacred Heart Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.82199, -91.48009

St. Patrick Cemetery’s-cemetery

Coordinates: 44.82203, -91.48138


St. John Cantius Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.59840, -90.95620

Springfield (Township of Seymour)

St. Bridget Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.84470, -91.30580

Wilson (Township of)

St. Peter Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.82790, -91.01770

Jackson County

Alma Center

Immaculate Conception (St Mary) Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.43750, -90.90030

City Point (Township of)

City Point Catholic Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.35140, -90.33970

Roaring Creek (Irving Township)

St. Malachy Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.23052, -90.97959

Shamrock (Manchester Township)

St. Columkille Cemetery (also known as St. Joseph Parish Cemetery)

Coordinates: 44.16920, -90.81830

Spaulding Township

Spaulding Catholic Cemetery (also known as Martyrs Chapel Catholic Cemetery)

Coordinates: 44.35614, -90.41701

Juneau County

Camp Douglas

St. James Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.92360, -90.28360


St. Patrick Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.73690, -90.26060

Indian Creek (Oakdale)

St. Michael Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.90853, -90.39680


Holy Rosary Cemetery (also known as St. Ann Cemetery)

Coordinates: 43.73690, -90.16610

Lyndon Station

St. Mary Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.70280, -89.93690


St. Michael Cemetery (Township of Marion)

Coordinates: 43.83164, -89.93846

St. Patrick Cemetery’s-cemetery

Coordinates: 43.78030, -90.05920


St. Francis of Assisi Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.99850, -90.07380

New Lisbon

St. Paul Cemetery’s-catholic-cemetery

Coordinates: 43.88890, -90.15270

Union Center

St. Theresa Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.68273, -90.26195

La Crosse County


St. Mary Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.89560, -90.98924

La Crosse (City of)

French Island Cemetery

Grave Locator

Coordinates: 43.86470, -91.27000

Catholic Cemetery of La Crosse

Grave Locator

Coordinates: 43.80365, -91.21858

Gate of Heaven Cemetery

Grave Locator

Coordinates: 43.86045, -91.17944

St. Joseph the Workman Cathedral Chapel Tomb

Coordinates: 43.81130, -91.24849

Woodlawn Cemetery

Grave Locator

Coordinates: 43.77670, -91.22330

La Crosse (St. Joseph’s Ridge)

St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.78737, -91.03641

Villa Saint Joseph Franciscan Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.78872, -91.03870

Middle Ridge (Township of Washington)

St. Peter Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.79792, -90.94107

Marathon County


Calvary Cemetery (also known as St. Anthony Catholic Church Cemetery)

Coordinates: 45.03384, -90.06616

St. John the Baptist Cemetery (Township of Wuerzburg)

Coordinates: 44.96033, -90.10379

1506 Wuerzburg Rd, Athens


St. Ladislaus Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.77000, -89.38780

Edgar (Township of Cassel)

Sacred Heart Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.88929, -89.88546

Edgar (City of)

St. John the Baptist Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.90857, -89.96374

Galloway (Township of Franzen)

St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.71347, -89.26550

Halder (Township of Emmet)

St. Patrick Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.79910, -89.85813

136058 Halder Dr., Mosinee


St. Florian Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.88263, -89.33239


St. John the Baptist Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.71420, -89.66440

Kronenwetter  (In care of St. Therese Parish, Schofield)

Gate of Heaven Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.85386, -89.64151


St. Anthony Monastery Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.93156, -89.82862

300 E 4th St, Marathon

St. Mary Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.92381, -89.83966

McMillan (Township) in care of St. Joseph Parish in Stratford

St. Adalbert Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.77150, -90.18040


St. Thomas Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.98830, -90.17890


St. Paul Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.79890, -89.71190


St. Francis Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.87530, -89.25440

St. Philomena Cemetery (under the care of St. Philomena Parish, Birnamwood, Diocese of Green Bay)

Coordinates: 44.92830, -89.23345

Peplin (Village of Kronenwetter)  under the care of St. Francis Xavier in Knowlton)

St. John the Baptist Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.78770, -89.55130


Holy Family Cemetery (also known as Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery)

Coordinates: 44.99430, -89.99330


St. Andrew Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.74410, -90.02700


St. Joseph Cemetery (within the village)

Coordinates: 44.80342, -90.07024

St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery (Eau Pleine Township)

Also known as: Holy Trinity Catholic Church Cemetery, Webertown Cemetery,

Eau Pleine Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.81899, -90.08935


St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.93700, -89.61600

St. Michael Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.93600, -89.61500


St. Agnes Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.90106, -89.52066

Monroe County


Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.74860, -90.77000


St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.79750, -90.37038


St. Augustine Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.84000, -90.63300

23111 County Road T, Norwalk

Pine Hollow

Saints Peter & Paul Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.75420, -90.75350


St. Michael Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.88555, -90.55726

County Road A, Norwalk

St. Mary’s Ridge

St. Mary’s Ridge Catholic Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.79792, -90.68656


St. Patrick Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.92033, -90.80929

Summit Ridge

St. John the Baptist Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.86990, -90.65703

16585 Kellogg Avenue, Norwalk


St. Mary Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.96140, -90.50670


St. John the Baptist Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.80940, -90.53310

Pepin County


St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.65830, -92.04500

Arkansaw (also known as Dead Lake Prairie)

French Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.62640, -92.04060


St. Mary Cemetery’s-catholic-cemetery

Coordinates: 44.62170, -91.97000


Holy Rosary Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.63280, -91.87330

Pierce County

Big River (Oak Grove Township)

St. Mary Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.74600, -92.64070

Cherma (River Falls)

St. Martin Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.79108, -92.58547

Ellsworth Area

Old Clayfield Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.70330, -92.41463

W5681 450th Avenue, Ellsworth

Our Lady of Perpetual Help (St. Mary) Cemetery (Clayfield)

Coordinates: 44.69025, -92.41547

N4120 Cty Rd DD, Ellsworth

Immaculate Conception Cemetery (Lost Creek, El Paso Township)

Coordinates: 44.72470, -92.35750

N5108 450th St, Ellsworth, WI 54011

St. Joseph Cemetery (El Paso Township)

Coordinates: 44.76913, -92.34769

St. Francis of Assisi Cemetery (Village of Ellsworth)

Coordinates: 44.72431, -92.48072

S Piety St, Ellsworth


Sacred Heart/St. Nicholas Cemetery also known as Farm Hill

Coordinates: 44.74330, -92.15629

Plum City

St. John the Baptist Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.64110, -92.18890


St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.74030, -92.78110

Spring Valley

Sacred Heart Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.84500, -92.25690

Portage County


Guardian Angels Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.25390, -89.45220


St. James Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.45180, -89.29095

Buena Vista Township (unincorporated community of Keene)

St. Martin Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.33680, -89.45750

Church Road and County Road BB, Keene


St. Mary (Immaculate Conception) Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.52180, -89.42710


St. Martin Cemetery in care of Sacred Heart Parish in Custer (Polonia)

Coordinates: 44.57630, -89.45210

6692 Hwy 66, Custer


St. Mary of Mount Carmel Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.47030, -89.37470

Heffron (Township of Belmont)

Hope Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.24425, -89.30367

Junction City

St. Michael Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.59440, -89.76750


St. Patrick Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.36440, -89.34260

Mill Creek

St. Bartholomew Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.53940, -89.68210


St. Bronislava Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.45490, -89.55440

3200 Plover Rd, Plover

Polonia (Township of Stockton)

Sacred Heart Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.56960, -89.41780


St. Adalbert Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.62470, -89.32280

Stevens Point (City of)

Stevens Point Catholic Cemetery Association, 715-341-3236

Maintains these cemeteries in Stevens Point: Guardian Angels, St. Peter, St. Stephen.  Also cares for St. Bronislava Cemetery in Plover.

1232 Wilshire Blvd, Stevens Point, WI 54481

Guardian Angel Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.52530, -89.55170

1232 Wilshire Blvd, Stevens Point

St. Joseph Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.52530, -89.55470

St. Joseph Convent Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.53506, -89.57829

Fronenac Ave, Stevens Point

St. Peter Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.53830, -89.60000

Old Wausau Road, Stevens Point

St. Stephen Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.52220, -89.55810

1413 Minnesota Ave, Stevens Point

Stevens Point (Mill Creek)

St. Bartholomew Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.53940, -89.68210

2493 County Road M, Stevens Point

Stevens Point (Township of Hull)

St. Casimir Cemetery

203 Casimir Road, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481

Coordinates: 44.56929, -89.60989

Richland County

Website of cemeteries in Richland County

Bear Valley (Township of Ithaca)

St. Kilian Cemetery & Church

33392 St Killians Rd, Lone Rock, WI 53556

Coordinates: 43.28639, -90.20278

Boaz (Township of Dayton)

St. Martin Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.33276, -90.52207

Cazenovia (Germantown)

St. Anthony Cemetery’s-cemetery

Coordinates: 43.52583, -90.22097

County Road V and Klang Drive, Germantown

St. Bridget Cemetery  (Cazenovia-Bunker Hill in the Township of Westford)

Coordinates: 43.50390, -90.24720

Keyesville (Township of Ithaca)

St. Mary Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.33860, -90.22040

Melancthon Creek (Township of Henrietta)

St. Patrick Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.51788, -90.35757

Richland Center

St. Mary Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.34626, -90.38223

Sylvan Township

St. Peter Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.37970, -90.62890

Trempealeau County


Calvary Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.23080, -91.50110

St. Stanislaus Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.25330, -91.46250


St. Bridget Cemetery’s-catholic-cemetery

Coordinates: 44.16080, -91.26810


Saints Peter & Paul Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.36436, -91.42033

North Creek (Arcadia Township)

St. Michael Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.27271, -91.43301

N29771 Church Hill Road, North Creek

Pine Creek (Dodge Township)

Most Sacred Heart Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.13570, -91.52110


Holy Cross Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.01904, -91.44570

Old Catholic Cemetery

Coordinates: 44.01390, -91.41500


Vernon County

Bad Axe (Irish Ridge Road in Ontario)

St. Patrick Cemetery

Find A Grave

Coordinates: 43.69450, -90.68010

Coon Valley

St. Mary/North Ridge Cemetery

Find A Grave

Coordinates: 43.76640, -90.98940

Dilly (Forest Township)

St. John Nepomucene Cemetery & Church

Coordinates: 43.62289, -90.45125


St. Charles Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.57154, -91.22289

Greenwood Township

St. Patrick Cemetery

Coordinates: 43.61890, -90.39330

Mount Tabor

            St Joseph Catholic Cemetery & Church


Coordinates: 43.69984, -90.44993

Wood County

McMillan Memorial Library files

Heart O’ Wisconsin Genealogical Society 

Altdorf (Seneca Township)

St. Joseph Cemetery

Find A Grave

Heart O’Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.41724, -89.98869


St. Mary Cemetery

Find A Grave

Heart O’Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.62921, -90.01369

Old Saint Mary Cemetery

Find A Grave

Heart O’Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.62921, -90.01369

Babcock (Remington Township)  This is no longer a Catholic cemetery.

Find A Grave

Heart O’Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.31640, -90.11000

North of Babcock on State Highway 80, 1/2 mile north of junction with State Highway 173.

In 1888 Owen Brady of Remington donated 40 acres for the purpose of cemeteries.  Ten acres were given for a Catholic cemetery, four acres for a Protestant cemetery and the remainder for a Township of Remington cemetery.  In 1913, Most Rev. James Schwebach, Bishop of the Diocese of La Crosse, deeded the Catholic portion of the cemetery to the township.  The Catholic portion is to the left of the entrance, and still being used.  The hill to the back and south of the entrance is the oldest, with burials without markers.

Bakerville (Lincoln Township)

Corpus Christi Cemetery

Find A Grave

Heart O’Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.62780, -90.2156


St. Kilian Cemetery

Find A Grave cemetery

Heart O’Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.61403, -89.91505


St. Michael Cemetery

Find A Grave

Heart O’Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.64747, -90.09845


Gate of Heaven Cemetery (also known as Queen of Heaven Cemetery)

Find A Grave

Heart O’Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.67949, -90.18020


St. Wenceslaus Cemetery

Find A Grave

Heart O’Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.61190, -89.85500


Sacred Heart Cemetery (south of Riverside Cemetery)

Find A Grave

Heart O’ Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.33033, -89.89104


St. Joachim Cemetery

Find A Grave

Heart O’Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.45220, -90.13060


All Souls Cemetery

Find A Grave

Heart O’ Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.50051, -89.80092

St. Philip Cemetery

Find A Grave

Heart O’ Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.48860, -89.82860

5th Ave N, Rudolph

Sigel Township

Holy Rosary Cemetery

Find A Grave

Heart O’ Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.47060, -89.86830

Vesper (Township of Hansen)

St. James Cemetery

Find A Grave

Heart O’Wisconsin Genealogical Society

Coordinates: 44.48810, -89.97940

Wisconsin Rapids

Calvary Cemetery

Find A Grave

McMillan Library

Coordinates: 44.40310, -89.79940

1150 2nd Street N, Wisconsin Rapids