Policies for Records / Genealogical Searches

  1. At this time we do not allow in-person, on-site research to be conducted at the archives.
  2. Because of privacy, genealogical searches are confined to records prior
    to January 1, 1926.
  3. Requests for records/genealogical searches are to be submitted in writing. E-mail is the most efficient way to make a request, but letters are accepted. The Diocese of La Crosse does not have a full time archivist and requests are handled as time permits.
  4. Requests should be specific in nature. Archive personnel are not able to respond to general research requests such as, “please send the records of all the Smith family members since the parish began in 1880.”  Personnel will respond to requests that specify the name, date, and parish for each record requested.  Exact dates are not required, but are very helpful.
  5. Requests should not exceed five records at a time. A request for the baptism, marriage and death records for the same person is a request for three records.
  6. Research is not free. While we do not send out invoices or contact collection agencies, $20 per hour is expected with a minimum contribution of $5 for each of the following records: baptism, marriage, and death.  While research is not free, we do not refuse to help those who are truly unable to contribute financially and may ask them to contribute to the good of others in some other way.  We have provided assistance to those who are incarcerated, disabled, and on very restricted incomes.  Checks should be made payable to “Diocese of La Crosse” and mailed to Archives, PO Box 4004, La Crosse, WI  54602-4004.   Please keep in mind that everything takes time.  It takes at least as much time to search for something that was never recorded as it takes to search for what was recorded.