Sr. Salome begins
Our Lady of Fatima Orphanage

History: In 2013, local villagers begged Sr Salome to help a recently orphaned family of 6 children. She housed the young family in a small room at her school, ages 9 years to 4 months. The needs grew as the HIV/AIDS crisis continued to devastate Africa. Fortunately, Sr Salome’s heart grew as well. She loves these children as her own. Currently, she has 25 kids aged 1 yr to 18 years. They all live in a small house she rents and pays for through her salary and small donations.  She expects to have 40 kids by 2025.

After visiting Casa Hogar, the orphanage begun by Fr. Joe Walijewski, Sr. Salome was inspired by the children and families she met in Peru to offer similar care for the orphans in Uganda. United, we seek Servant of God, Fr. Joe’s intercession over the project.

Goal: Build an orphanage in Buloba, Uganda, to house 40 kids. She has purchased the land and built a perimeter wall and a pit latrine. The site is near a school with water available. Building plans have been approved by the district. The building will occur in phases (see elevation plan below).

How you can help

Any efforts will support the care of these orphaned children. Of course, she needs help with construction, but there are many needs. Every donation makes a difference for a child: (for each donation below, a thank you card with a picture is available to use for gifting, etc. see below)


The goal is to build a 5-acre coffee plantation to support ongoing orphanage needs. Sr Salome already operates a successful 5-acre coffee plantation that supports well repairs and school needs. She has irrigation and well-trained staff. Cost/ feasibility is to be determined at this time.

Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,


 $150 Donation – (Need 30)

Provides a set of metal bunk beds, a storage locker, a mirror, and a window


 $50 Donation – (Need 60)

Provides a care kit including a blanket, wash basin, towel, washcloth, book, mosquito net, and pillow


 $600 Donation – (Need 28)

Provides for food and schooling for a child for one year


 $150 Donation – (Need 5)

Provides a wooden table and 8 chairs


 $75 Donation – (Need 6)

Provides a large cooking pot for the firepit


 $50 Donation – (Need 45)

Provides a mattress and sheet set for a child


 $25 Donation – (Need 8)

Provides for a dozen plates, cups, and silverware


Proposed Orphanage

Two stories to serve 40 kids, built in phases.