Mite Box Lent

Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) Mite Box collection:

We have placed the order for the Mite Boxes from the Missionary Childhood Association for Lent 2022.  Catholic Schools and Parish  Religious Education Program should now have the MCA boxes, posters, and prayer cards. Further details and instructions are available in the Letter for MCA Mite Box Collection 2022. If you have any questions or changes in your order for next year (Lent 2023), please let us know. Thank you for your commitment to the Church’s missionary efforts and helping to foster understanding in the hearts of our children and youth.

Here is an example of the outreaches supported by your efforts through the MCA Mite Box Collection. Recently, the Missionary Childhood Association combined efforts with Sister Litty George at the St. Charles Mtwivila Primary School in Iringa, Tanzania. Through the donations of MCA, these children were provided with necessities including food, clothing, school tuition coverage, school supplies, play time equipment – and lunch.


The Missionary Childhood Association provides food to hungry children around the world, including these kids in the Mission Diocese of Daru-Kiunga, Papua New Guinea. In addition to nutrition programs, MCA members help children in Papua New Guinea gain access to education by building schools, providing books and catechetical materials, bringing clean water to schools, and providing health care.

Generous hearts and welcoming faces can not mask the living conditions and poverty that also surrounds Nairobi.  Kibera is a one mile square foot slum where about 750,000 people live.  It is one of the most crowded places on earth. Families live in wood and corrugated metal shacks, crowded together, with no running water, electricity or sewage systems. MCA members help missionaries teach children about Jesus and provide food, education, and shelter.

Finally, here are some reminders regarding the two Lenten programs used in our parishes and schools. The Mite Box program is an outreach from the Missionary  Childhood Association or MCA (formerly the Holy Childhood Association or HCA), one of the Pontifical Mission Societies represented in the Mission Office. It is a mandatory annual program in our Catholic Schools, CCD and Religious Education programs for children and youth. It will continue this year but with some modifications. The Rice Bowl program is sponsored by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and organized in the diocese by the Social Concerns Office. Rice Bowl is an elective program that may be held any time throughout the year with an emphasis on Lent, but it is not to conflict with or replace the Mite Box program. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Mission Office or the Office of Social Concerns.

May God reward you for your efforts in service of Christ and His Church,

Rev. Woodrow H. Pace,
Director of the Mission Office

New MCA International Bulletin

Please see the most recent newsletter from the MCA International General Secretariat (January 2022) from Sister Roberta Tremarelli, AMSS, Secretary General of the Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) in Rome.

This issue includes:

  • “voices of children” in the Missions, including Paraguay, India and Chile
  • news from countries in the Missions, including in Benin, Indonesia, and Mozambique
  • information on MCA projects

MCA International Bulletin | January 2022 | English

MCA International Bulletin | January 2022 | Spanish