Gregorian Chant Introits

Why Gregorian Chant Introits?  Article from the Catholic Times.

Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB, of St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville and an expert on Gregorian Chant, explains some history of the Introit, as well as its importance and use in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite today:  click here.

Click on the sheet music link to open and print the music form the Gregorian Missal; then click audio to hear the chant being sung.

For the Season of Advent:

First SundayAd te levavisheet musicaudio
Second SundayPopulus Sionsheet musicaudio
Third SundayGaudete in Dominosheet musicaudio
Fourth SundayRorate Caelisheet musicaudio

For the Season of Christmas:

Christmas VigilHodie scientissheet musicaudio
Christmas MidnightDominus dixitsheet musicaudio
Christmas DawnLux fulgebitsheet musicaudio
Christmas DayPuer natus estsheet musicaudio
Holy FamilyDeus in loco sancto suosheet musicaudio
Mary, Mother of GodSalve sancta Parenssheet musicaudio
EpiphanyEcce advenitsheet musicaudio
Baptism of the LordDilexisti iustitiamsheet musicaudio

For the Season of Lent:

Ash WednesdayMisereris omniumsheet musicaudio
First SundayInvocabit mesheet musicaudio
Second SundayTibi dixit cor meumsheet musicaudio
Third SundayOculi meisheet musicaudio
Fourth SundayLaetare Ierusalemsheet musicaudio
Fifth SundayIudica me Deussheet musicaudio
Holy Thursday (Lord’s Supper)Nos autemsheet musicaudio

For the Season of Easter:

Easter SundayResurrexisheet musicaudio
Second Sunday of EasterQuasi modo genitisheet musicaudio
Third Sunday of EasterIubilate Deosheet musicaudio
Fourth Sunday of EasterMisericordia Dominisheet musicaudio
Fifth Sunday of EasterCantate Dominosheet musicaudio
Sixth Sunday of EasterVocem iucunditatissheet musicaudio
Ascension of the LordViri Galilaeisheet musicaudio
Seventh Sunday of EasterExaudi, Dominesheet musicaudio
Pentecost VigilDum sanctificatussheet musicaudio
Pentecost SundaySpiritus Dominisheet musicaudio

Solemnities of the Lord in Ordinary Time

Trinity Sunday
(Years A & B)
Benedicta sitsheet musicaudio
Trinity Sunday (Year C)Caritas Deisheet musicaudio
Corpus ChristiCibavit eossheet musicaudio
Sacred Heart of JesusCogitationes
Cordis eius
sheet musicaudio

For Ordinary Time:

First Sunday
(Baptism of the Lord)
Dilexisti iustitiamsheet musicaudio
Second SundayOmnis terrasheet musicaudio
Third Sunday,
years A & B
Dominus secussheet musicaudio
Third Sunday, year CAdorate Deumsheet musicaudio
Fourth SundayLaetetur corsheet musicaudio
Fifth SundayVenite, adoremussheet musicaudio
Sixth SundayEsto mihisheet musicaudio
Seventh SundayDomine, in tua misericordiasheet musicaudio
Eighth SundayFactus est Dominussheet musicaudio
Ninth SundayRespice in mesheet musicaudio
Tenth Sunday,
years A & C
Dominus illuminatiosheet musicaudio
Tenth Sunday, year BSi iniquitatessheet musicaudio
Eleventh SundayExaudi Dominesheet musicaudio
Twelfth SundayDominus fortitudosheet musicaudio
Thirteenth SundayOmnes gentessheet musicaudio
Fourteenth SundaySuscepimus, Deussheet musicaudio
Fifteenth SundayDum clamaremsheet musicaudio
Sixteenth SundayEcce Deussheet musicaudio
Seventeenth SundayDeus in loco sanctosheet musicaudio
Eighteenth Sunday,
year A
Sitientes venitesheet musicaudio
Eighteenth Sunday,
years B & C
Deus in adiutoriumsheet musicaudio
Nineteenth SundayRespice, Dominesheet musicaudio
Twentieth SundayProtector nostersheet musicaudio
Twenty-first SundayInclina, Dominesheet musicaudio
Twenty-second SundayMiserere mihi Dominesheet musicaudio
Twenty-third SundayIustus es Dominesheet musicaudio
Twenty-fourth SundayDa pacem, Dominesheet musicaudio
Twenty-fifth SundaySalus populi egosheet musicaudio
Twenty-sixth Sunday, year AIn nomine Dominisheet musicaudio
Twenty-sixth Sunday, years B&COmnia quae fecistisheet musicaudio
Twenty-seventh SundayIn voluntate tuasheet musicaudio
Twenty-eighth SundaySi iniquitatessheet musicaudio
Twenty-ninth SundayEgo clamavisheet musicaudio
Thirtieth SundayLaetetur cor quaerentiumsheet musicaudio
Thirty-first Sunday, years A & BNe derelinquas mesheet musicaudio
Thirty-first Sunday,
year C
Misereris omniumsheet musicaudio
Thirty-second SundayIntret oratio measheet musicaudio
Thirty-third SundayDicit Dominussheet musicaudio
Christ the KingDignus est Agnussheet musicaudio

For Solemnities and Feasts of the Lord and of the Saints:

Joseph, Husband of MaryIustus ut palmasheet musicaudio
Annunciation of the LordRorate caelisheet musicaudio
Birth of St. John the Baptist, VigilNe timeas, Zachariasheet musicaudio
Birth of St. John the Baptist, DayDe ventre matrissheet musicaudio
Sts. Peter and Paul, VigilDicit Dominus Petrosheet musicaudio
Sts. Peter and Paul, DayNunc scioveresheet musicaudio
Transfiguration of the LordTibi dixict cor meumsheet musicaudio
Assumption of Mary, VigilVultum tuumsheet musicaudio
Assumption of Mary, Day, opt. 1Signum Magnumsheet musicaudio
Assumption of Mary, Day, opt. 2Gaudeamus omnes in Dominosheet musicaudio
Triumph of the CrossNos autem gloriarisheet musicaudio
All SaintsGaudeamus omnes in Dominosheet musicaudio
All SoulsRequiem aeternamsheet musicaudio
Dedication of the Lateran BasilicaDeus in loco sancto suosheet musicaudio
Immaculate ConceptionGaudens gaudebo in Dominosheet musicaudio

The schola that performed these chants is from the Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman in La Crosse, under the direction of Dr. Brian Luckner.  The sheet music is from the Gregorian Missal and is courtesy of the Catholic Music Association of America’s website, MusicaSacra, and the Benedictine Abbey of Solesmes, France.

Chants of the Liturgy of the Hours

Chant recordings for ordinary texts of the Liturgy of the Hours are available below.  The PDF, “Chants of the LOH,” is designed to be printed back-to-back, then folded and trimmed for insertion into a standard size version of the Christian Prayer book or any volume of the Liturgy of the Hours.  Click below to hear MP3 recordings of the various chants.

1-Opening Verse at Morning Prayer

2-Opening Verse at Evening Prayer and Night Prayer

3-Canticle of Zechariah

4-Canticle of Mary

5-Canticle of Simeon without Alleluia

6-Canticle of Simeon with Alleluia

7-Conclusion at Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer

8-Conclusion at Night Prayer

Singing the Prayers of the Liturgy

How does one sing the presidential prayers of the liturgy?  While there are many ways and different resources for leaders of prayer to singing the orations of the liturgy, the following examples are one of the simpler ways to proceed.  Arranged by Father Samuel Webber for the Diocese of La Crosse, these examples enhance the celebration of the liturgy by adding beauty and solemnity.

A Guide to Singing the Presidential Prayers, compiled by the Office of Sacred Worship, provides some information on why it is important to sing such prayers in the first place, a explanation of what is meant by the presidential prayers, some advice on how to sing prayer texts, and tones provided by Fr. Webber.

The samples are from the Sundays of Advent.  Click on the particular Sunday for sheet music, and at the top of each sheet is a hyperlink to the audio file.



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