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Children’s hearts are delicate, and their consciences are incredibly impressionable.  This is why so many Catholic School families choose to send their children to one of our sixty-six schools.  Our teachers proclaim Christ’s love for each individual while openly praying for and with their students.  Within Catholic Schools we work so each person knows the virtue of hope and is able combat the evils of temptation.  Enlightening a child’s heart as well his or her mind is at the core of everything Catholic School educators do.

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Catholic Life Articles

  • Education that lasts a lifetime

    Jim Pulvermacher (Left) and Gordon Moore (right) are two dedicated alumni of St. Mary School and continue to support the school for future generations. JIM PULVERMACHER AND GORDON MOORE FROM RICHLAND CENTER LOOK BACK ON THEIR SCHOOL DAYS AND WHY CATHOLIC EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT TO THEM  Catholic schools are a foundational aspect of Catholic faith in […]

  • Governor Walker Proclaims Catholic Schools Week

    Governor Scott Walker has proclaimed January 28 through February 3, 2018, as Catholic Schools Week in Wisconsin.  The proclamation coincides with the national observance of Catholic Schools Week and recognizes the 280 Catholic schools in Wisconsin now serving nearly 55,000 Wisconsin students. Catholic schools in Wisconsin “provide students with a high-quality education which emphasizes the […]

  • The 27th annual Brains and Brawn tournament kicks off Catholic Schools Week

    The 27th annual Brains and Brawn Tournament is a chance for Catholic school students in 6th-8th grade, from across the diocese, to compete in basketball (Brawn) or to demonstrate their knowledge in six categories (Brains). Aquinas Catholic Schools hosted the tournament and a Mass was celebrated by Monsignor Charles D. Stoetzel at the end of the […]

  • Learn-Serve-Lead-Succeed

    Why celebrate Catholic schools?   Because Catholic schools are schools of faith, schools where a child isn’t simply educated about basic facts, but on how the Catholic faith is part of those basic facts. We make a point to celebrate Catholic Schools Week every January, and this year we’re focusing on the following themes: Catholic schools: […]

  • A Catholic School Serves Its Parish and Communities

    The Church’s leaders at the Second Vatican Council gave today’s parishes an awesome responsibility. But, a parishioner could justifiably ask, “What does the parish receive from the Catholic School(s) it supports?” My answer — prayer, service and a future. Catholic School students in the Diocese of La Crosse, really throughout the world, work hard to […]