Materials for the Seven Sessions

Everything you need to run a successful small group series is below.  Be sure to print the handouts for each session ahead of time.  You are encouraged to download each video to a computer to be played back because that eliminates any chance of the glitches that can occur from Wi-Fi and Internet connection issues.  Simply follow the “Instructions for Downloading the Videos.” Be sure to download well in advance, allowing time for the video file to finish downloading and making sure you can locate (typically in your “Downloads” folder) and playback the file from your computer.  Alternatively, the videos can be played directly from the “View Video” links if you are completely confident in the Wi-Fi signal in the meeting place.


Session Materials in English

What’s Our Story?
Who Is Jesus?
God Is with Us
The Story of the Eucharist
Bread for the Journey

Keys to a Successful Parish Series


Jesus and the Eucharist
Parish Small Group Series

1. Lead Organizer Information

2. Table Facilitator Invitation

3. Table Facilitator Instructions

4. Hosting the Sessions

5. Instructions for Downloading the Videos



Jesus and the Eucharist
Parish Small Group Series

A. Poster/Flyer

B. Bulletin Insert

C. Parish-wide Invitation Letter

D. Sample Bulletin Announcement

E. Invitation to Facilitators of Existing Groups

Session Materials in Spanish

¿Cuál es nuestra historia?
    SESIÓN 2
    ¿Quién es Jesús?
    SESIÓN 3
    ¿Estoy salvado?
    SESIÓN 4
    ¿Por qué una Iglesia?
    SESIÓN 5
    Dios está con nosotros
    SESIÓN 6
    La historia de la Eucaristía
    SESIÓN 7
    Pan para el Camino

    Other Resources

    A Biblical Walk through The Mass with Edward Siri (5 sessions)

    This series explores the biblical roots of the words and gestures we experience in Mass and explains their profound significance. Multiple sets of DVDs available from the Office for Catechesis and Evangelization for free rental or for purchase of Leader’s Guide, Participant Booklet and book from Ascension Press. 

    Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist by the Augustine Institute (4 sessions)

    Four-part series with leader and participant workbook.  Presence explores the radical mystery of God’s love expressed in the Eucharist and shows how in this Sacrament God is really present to help and strengthen us at every step of life’s journey.  By diving into the story of God’s love for His people in Scripture and the Church’s teaching on this Sacrament, Presence invites each one of us into a deeper, more intimate union with God.  One set of DVDs available for free rental from the Office for Catechesis & Evangelization or leader and participant workbooks and DVDs available for purchase from the Augustine Institute.  

    Lectio Eucharist with Dr. Brant Pitre (10 sessions)

    This series focuses on the Biblical roots of the Eucharist, through its foreshadowing in the miraculous events of the Old Testament, the Gospels, and Apostolic teaching. One set of DVDs is available for free rental from the Office for Catechesis and Evangelization and also available on FORMED.  Leader and participant workbook and DVDs available from Catholic Market. 

    The Mass with Bishop Robert Barron (7 sessions)

    Walk through the Holy Mass with Bishop Barron and be transformed through insights on this most privileged and intimate encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ.  See how the Mass brings us out of the fallen world and into the Heavenly realm, how it resonates with a call from God and a response from His people, the Church, and most importantly, how we are intimately joined with the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus through the Holy Eucharist.  The Mass will help you understand how to fully, consciously, and actively participate in the source and summit of the Christian life.  One set of DVDs available for free rental from the Office for Catechesis and Evangelization or leader and participant workbook and DVDs available from Word on Fire.

    Eucharist with Bishop Robert Barron (5 sessions)

    Experience for yourself the profound mystery of the Eucharist as Sacred Meal, Sacrifice and Real Presence.  These elements unite the Church across time and unite us to our fellow Catholics in every sacred liturgy. One set of DVD’s for free rental available from the Office for Cat. & Evang. or leader and participant workbook along with DVDs available for purchase from Word on Fire. 

    Altaration with Mark Hart, Jackie Angel, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Chris Stefanick etc. (5 lessons)

    Altaration addresses getting Catholic teens and parents to appreciate the awesome beauty and mystery of the Mass…and to actually look forward to attending and participating.  Available from Ascension Pres.  The goal of Altaration is not to fill heads with information but to pierce hearts with transformation.

    Nights of Mercy

    During the season of Advent and Lent, Catholic communities customarily offer expanded opportunities for the Sacrament of Penance. During the National Eucharistic Revival, communities are encouraged to incorporate Eucharistic adoration as well, inspired by the tradition of “Nights of Mercy.” In this resource, you’ll find some helpful considerations for you and your community as you discern how you might host a Night of Mercy. 

    Spanish Version – PDF

    Leader’s Playbook:
    Year of Parish Revival

    Supercharge your local Revival response with this essential resource! The Leader’s Playbook is your springboard into the Year of Parish Revival, providing concrete steps you can take to answer each of the four invitations at the heart of this movement.

    Eucharistic Revival Series

    Eucharistic Revival Series:  Jesus’ True Presence in the Eucharist

    Jesus is Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.”  Jesus came to be with us in order to save us.  Again and again, Jesus comes to us in the Eucharist.  Our faith comes alive as we understand better that Jesus gives us His Real Presence in the Eucharist.

    Join Msgr. Joseph Hirsch, Director:  Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II Orphanage, Lurin, Peru as he presents Jesus’ True Presence in the Eucharist.

    Discussion Questions – Doc


    Eucharistic Revival Series:  Receiving and Adoring Jesus –  Communion and Thanksgiving

    We want to understand better the Gift of the Eucharist so that we can love Jesus more. Jesus gives us the greatest Gift – the Gift of Himself in the Eucharist again and again in a life-giving encounter.  Jesus gives us Himself as food – He literally is the Bread of Life –  supernatural bread that saves us, that spiritually nourishes and strengthens us with His grace. Through receiving the Eucharist, Jesus strengthens our identity as sons and daughters of God the Father.

    Join Fr. Justin Kizewski, Faculty:  St. Francis de Sales Seminary, Milwaukee as he presents Receiving and Adoring Jesus –  Communion and Thanksgiving.

    Discussion Questions – Doc

    Eucharistic Revival:  Offering Ourselves with Jesus to the Father

    We need to take time to focus on spiritual realities. Through Jesus, grace, truth and life entered into the world. At Mass, Jesus continues to come to us in the Eucharist. In union with Jesus, we can offer all that we are and everything that we have been given in thanksgiving to the Father.

    Join Msgr. Richard Gilles, Rector: Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman, La Crosse as he presents Offering Ourselves with Jesus to the Father.

    Eucharistic Revival:  The Eucharist as the ‘Source and Summit’ of the Church’s Life

    In the fullness of time, our Heavenly Father sent His Son, Jesus, to save us from our sins.   Jesus gave us the Eucharist, as a memorial of His Passion and Death.  When we receive the Eucharist, we literally receive Jesus Himself.  The Eucharist is our solid foundation and highest point of union with God on earth.

    Join Fr. Steven Weller, Chaplain:  Assumption Middle and High School, Wisconsin Rapids as he presents The Eucharist as the ‘Source and Summit’ of the Church’s Life.