This is a list of ideas to help you navigate your ministry during this time when we are unable to gather face to face. There are resources directed at you the youth minister and your team, resources for the young people themselves, resources on how to do Virtual/Online Group Meetings, resources for families, and spiritual resources for everyone. Each item is a hyperlink that will take you directly to that resource.

 CLICK HERE to view the list of resources. Please send us your ideas and we will add them to the list. *UPDATED 3/26/2020*

Upcoming Webinars for Parish Leaders and Teams

Click HERE for a list and descriptions

A list by date with links is below:

March 25, 2020: Teen Led Summit Groups (Life Teen)

March 26, 2020: Online Life Night Follow Up (Life Teen)

March 26, 2020: Ministry Amidst a Crisis  (NFCYM)

March 24, 2020: Moving Faith Formation Online (Vibrant Faith)

March 29, 2020: Global Life Night Experience (LifeTeen)

March 29, 2020: Project YM Live Youth Ministry Event (Project YM)

March 31, 2020: Be Not Afraid: A Lenten Retreat  (NFCYM)

April 21, 2020: Re-Connection America’s Loneliest Generation (NFCYM)