NET Retreats

Each year, NET Ministries sends over 175 young adults across the country in teams of 8-14 to proclaim the Gospel to Catholic youth. The NET teams will share their love of Christ and the Church with over 90,000 youth from September to May this year. They come from a wide variety of states and countries. The team members have been trained in the teachings of the Catholic Church and formed as brothers and sisters in Christ, a quality young people consistently notice and to which they are attracted. The experienced team members take care of most everything, including retreat content, set up, and tear down. Your level of involvement is up to you; they partner with you to ensure a perfect match for your group’s needs.

When: September 27-October 9, 2022 – Please contact the NET CENTER to reserve your Retreat!

Where: All Around the Diocese of La Crosse

Cost: Depends on the type of retreat.

 For details about hosting a retreat including themes, costs, housing, etc. please download the Welcome Packet.