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Desperately in need of money and in hopes of regaining custody of his daughter, James (Joel Smallbone) embarks on a cross-country delivery for cash — no questions asked. When he discovers that he is delivering two young women, the questions in his mind begin haunting him mercilessly. When James finds himself falling for one of the women, he becomes an unlikely hero and must fight to save the innocence and lives of both of the ladies.

This film about human trafficking will be shown at . . .

Cornerstone Community Church
130 5th Avenue North
La Crosse, WI
Saturday, October 14, 2017 – 2:00 p.m.
Followed by discussion and refreshments

Cornerstone Community Church
La Crosse Task Force to End Modern Slavery


Four Dangerous Assumptions About Human Trafficking – Click here


The I-94 Campaign is designed to create heightened awareness of human trafficking during the peak summer travel season. The focus will be along the I-94 corridor in southeastern Wisconsin from the border of Illinois to south of Milwaukee. I-94 is known as a circuit used by traffickers to transport victims from Chicago to Milwaukee, Madison, Eau Claire, Minneapolis, the North Dakota oil fields and many stops in between. As a result, truck stops, rest stops, and hotels have become common places that victims frequent. Education is the number one way to stop trafficking. The goal is to give both the public and the victims the tools needed to get help and prevent further victimization.

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