In simple terms, bereavement ministry is an organized response to the needs of people grieving the death of a significant person(s) in their lives.

The General Introduction of the new Order of Christian Funerals states: “The Church calls each member of Christ’s Body – priest, deacon, lay person – to participate in the ministry of consolation: to care for the dying, to pray for the dead, to comfort all who mourn.”

Bereavement Ministry was born out of serious need on the part of the grieving and caring community alike . . . a need to feel Christ’s love in a time of crisis and pain, and a need to heed Jesus’ call to bring his love to those who are suffering. This ministry will flourish as bereavement ministers increase their education, find the resources to organize their efforts, and further develop their pastoral skills.

The purpose of the Ministry of Consolation training is to facilitate the coming together of those who wish to respond to the needs of the grieving with those who seek assistance on their journey through grief. It is our hope that this ministry will be a significant aid to anyone seeking to organize a ministry of support and consolation for those who have suffered the loss of family or friends through death.

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Now and at the Hour of Our Death

A Pastoral Letter from the Roman Catholic Bishops of Wisconsin On End of Life Decisions

Question-Answer Document
The bishops of the Wisconsin Catholic Conference offer an examination of end-of-life issues and a pastoral plan for handling these difficult questions. They present the “signs of the times” – the attitudes and beliefs of our modern culture that make these decisions even more difficult. They then present in a clear, concise manner the teachings of the Catholic Church. Finally, the bishops offer a practical plan that covers each individual’s personal role as well as the role of the clergy and medical health providers.

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