Faith in Farming

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Prayer for a Rural Family

Bless us, O God, we who live close to the land. Bless us as you blessed Jesus, Mary and Joseph. They, like we, our models in family life knew the struggles, the fears, the joys and the rewards of life in a rural area.
Help us to be aware of the quiet beauty of the night, the fresh green growth on trees and all plants and the songs of birds. We give thanks for all of these.
May we always show respect for all of creation. Bless each of us and help us grow in love and unity with you and with each other. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for Farm Families in Crisis

O God, costs are up and prices are down. Many farmers feel alone, embarrassed in their need, and like failures in their efforts to farm.
The harder they work, the worse it seems to get. There’s a constant struggle to believe, to hope and to keep trying. Strengthen them, O God.
Keep them gentle and yet firm, generous yet open to receive. Let them see your face in those who want to help and don’t know how. Grant them perseverance and openness to Your will.
Hold all of us and all our families close to your Heart as we do our best to act according to your will in the days ahead. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.