• Christifideles Laici: Who Are the Lay Faithful?

    Candles, christening gowns and photos are often what we recall when thinking about the sacrament of baptism. Unless we were received into the Church at an older age, most of us have no recall of the actual event. But it is this ritual that is so very important for it is the sacrament that makes The post Christifideles Laici: Who Are the Lay Faithful? appeared first on Catholic Life - The Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse.

  • Pregnancy Resource Centers: Pro-Woman, Pro-Life.

    In the Diocese of La Crosse, expectant mothers are treated with respect, sensitivity and kindness at our pregnancy resource centers. These centers provide pregnancy tests, personal mentoring and help women with the practical needs of pregnancy and child care (baby clothes, diapers, etc.). They offer support for maternity care, offer women referrals to community aid The post Pregnancy Resource Centers: Pro-Woman, Pro-Life. appeared first on Catholic Life - The Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse.

  • See how they love one another

    So said the pagans as they observed the early Christians. Today, the same is said of innumerable faithful throughout the Diocese of La Crosse. These members of the Body of Christ are His heart and hands in our present world, reaching out to their neighbors in need. Our Diocesan Sesquicentennial has given us the opportunity The post See how they love one another appeared first on Catholic Life - The Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse.

  • Celebrating Rural Life and Service in God’s Country

    Father Nate Kuhn, Bishop William Patrick Callahan and Father William Dhein celebrate Rural Life Day with Dr. AnneMarie Elwing and family in Genoa. “The earth has yielded its fruit, the Lord our God has blessed us.” (Ps 67) This was not only the responsorial psalm for the Rural Life Day Mass on the farm but The post Celebrating Rural Life and Service in God’s Country appeared first on Catholic Life - The Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse.

  • Our tender patroness, Our Lady of Guadalupe

    In the Catholic Americas — North, South and Central — there is perhaps no greater force for unity than the patroness we all have in common: Our Lady of Guadalupe. I was in the fourth grade when Sister Mary Michael told our class the story of the beautiful lady from heaven and Juan Diego, the The post Our tender patroness, Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared first on Catholic Life - The Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse.

12495031_845430728887694_6394279798768774424_nLife as a missionary in Peru brings Abigail Schreiner closer to God and gives her life direction and peace

When Abigail Schreiner, from Athens, first came to Peru in 2013 as part of a pilgrimage, God showed her the dignity and beauty of the South American country. “I was just awestruck by everything I saw and the people I met,” says Abigail. “I felt a very big attraction to this country and the people. It intrigued me.” Along with her mother and the Wisconsin pilgrims, Abigail spent time at Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II Orphanage in Lurin, Peru. It was there that she felt a great impact. Even after returning to life in Athens, Abigail found Peru still pulled on her heart. Read more >>

threading-main-pipe-768x576BEYOND WATER An update on the Kenya Water Project of St. Anne Parish in Wausau

WHAT IF YOUR NEAREST CLEAN WATER SOURCE WAS 16 MILES AWAY AND IN THE MOUNTAINS? What if your best source of drinking water was a mud puddle that had dead animals in it? What if your only source of water was infested with bacteria and giving it to your child would endanger her life? Here in the United States we are blessed with clean, free flowing water from the nearest tap. We don’t even think about it. But severe illness, a 50 percent infant mortality rate and drought are part of the daily reality the Maasai and several other tribes in Kenya were facing each day. Read More >>

Diocese_LaCrosse_March_0473-e1456781130261-300x261Bringing clean water to Uganda,
receiving faith in return

Martha Opelt, her family and the parishioners of St. Mary’s, Neillsville, have a calling to mission trips. In 2001, Father Woodrow Pace connected St. Mary Parish in Neillsville with the Diocese of Kiyinda-Mityana (KMD), Uganda by initiating a pilgrimage to Africa. Martha Opelt, a parishioner at St. Mary’s, remembers, “My son said, ‘Mom we have got to go.’ Twelve parishioners, including Martha and her son, Christopher, embarked on a journey of faith.  Read More >>

Sr.-Sabina-e1459519786704Divine Mercy Convent in Mwanza, Tanzania

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST PARISH IN MARSHFIELD COMES TOGETHER FOR DIVINE MERCY – If you had told me three years ago that our move from Portland, Ore., our home of 17 years, to Marshfield, Wis., would eventually lead to the construction of a convent in Tanzania, I would have said, “Oh, dream on!” But, as our friend Sister Sabina Kabuga would say, “Mungu Ni Muweza Wa Yote,” which means, “With God, all things are possible” in Swahili. This phrase has guided her order, the Sisters of Our Lady Queen of Africa (SOLQA), our family and St John the Baptist Church in Marshfield throughout a miraculous journey to build a new convent for the sisters in Mwanza, Tanzania. Read More >>

rallyWisconsin students join national
anti-abortion rally

WASHINGTON – About 300 students from Wisconsin traveled to the nation’s capital to participate Thursday in the annual March for Life to protest abortion on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade ruling. They came from Green Bay, La Crosse, Wausau and Neenah to march down the National Mall to the Supreme Court, whose ruling legalized abortion 42 years ago. The students then headed to Capitol Hill to meet with Badger State lawmakers. Read More >>

Untitled-1Valentyna’s Joy: a Story of Conversion and Loving Mission

Introduction & the City without God Valentyna Pavsyukova paints a picture of the Ukrainian people under the oppression of the false hopes and empty promises of Communism.
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waterprojectKenya Water Project

Don Ryder and Romey Wagner of St. Anne’s Parish in Wausau discuss the inspirations, graces and donations that have helped them bring fresh, clean water to thousands of people in Kenya.  A bit longer interview, but an amazing, beautiful story, with photos. Click to view

gifts of love“Gifts of Love” Provides Tiny Caskets for Parents Mourning the Loss of a Baby

Pattie Pflugradt describes her growing ministry that comforts parents, touches the medical community, and even inspires prison inmates to build tiny caskets! Click to view