Setting up a Ukraine Collection Site

Setting up a Ukraine Christmas Collection Site in a Parish or School:
1. Designate a contact person in charge.
2. Click on the links to download signs and labels.
3. Be sure also to mount the “Introduction to the Display” prominently at your display.
4. Send the name & email address of the contact person, and the parish name & address, to Chris Ruff at

Pictured: Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman (pictured is collection from March/April of 2002).

  • Box forFood – Adults & Youth
  • Box for Food – Infants
  • Box for Items for Infant and Children
  • Box for Medical and Orthopedic Equipment
  • Box for Men
  • Box for Miscellaneous
  • Box for OTC Medications
  • Box for Personal Hygiene
  • Box for Women
  • Christmas Collection Sign
  • Ukraine Christmas Collection Needs List