Catechist Training / Resources for Teaching


Growing in the Catholic Faith through study and prayer is a life-long process. It is essential, above all, for any adult who teaches the Catholic Faith to receive ongoing formation in order to properly hand on the Faith to the next generation. Ongoing faith formation is necessary as “the quality of any form of pastoral activity is placed at risk if it does not rely on truly competent and trained personnel” (General Directory for Catechesis, n. 234). Therefore, the pastor, Catholic School administrator, DRE, CRE, and Youth Minister are to attend to this most important task by advertising and organizing faith formation opportunities.

Upcoming Free Webinars March 2017 by Our Sunday Visitor

Lenten Resources 2017

Stations of the Cross for Children  ten and under

Stations of  the Cross for children

Stations of the Cross booklet for purchase

Lenten Activities for Children

Animated Videos on the Passion, Death and Resurrection (2 min. clips online for preview)

Best Lent Ever from Dynamic Catholic (free)

  • Short Inspirational Videos
  • Practical Tips
  • Study Guide for Groups or Individuals

United Stated Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)

  • 10 Things to Remember for Lent
  • Scriptural Stations of the Cross
  • Rediscovering the Sacrament of Penance
  • Saints for the Lenten Season
  • 6 Ways to Evangelize during Lent

Diocese of La Crosse 

Real Life Catholic – Chris Stefanick

  • How Do We know if He Really Rose (video 1 min. 56 sec. )
  • Why Confession (video 4 min. )
  • How Do I Pray (video 3 min. 39 sec.)

Word on Fire – Bishop Robert Barron

  • What are the Practices of Lent
  • Reflections on the Devil