Going Deeper in Prayer is a new initiative in the  Diocese of La Crosse.   Individuals may click here for an individual adult version:

Parents may scroll down to the grade levels of their children for Family Prayer Cards and Resources. 

Parent’s Session: “Going Deeper in Prayer” Initiative

The following resources may be used at a  Parent’s gathering, so that they receive the prayer card, letter and resources and be engaged as the primary educators of their children, before this initiative is implemented in the classroom.  No grade level is noted on the materials for the gathering so that parents can pray together and become familiar with the format.

A Specific Focus on One Prayer for each Grade Level

The focus is to be on one specific prayer for the entire year, while continuing to learn the words of other, age-appropriate prayers.

For Grades Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, it works best if the Prayer Card for the parents and child, along with the Parent’s Letter and Resources, are placed in a plastic sleeve and a loop of yarn is tied around the top left corner.  The child can then place the Prayer Card on their bedroom door knob or another safe, convenient place. 

Pre-Kindergarten – Angel of God (yellow card stock)  

Kindergarten – Sign of the Cross  (green card stock) 

First Grade – Hail Mary  (blue card stock) 

Second Grade  – Act of Contrition  (ivory/tan card stock) 

Third grade – Our Father   (green card stock)  

Fourth grade  – Mysteries of Jesus’ life as prayed with the Holy Rosary (yellow card stock) 

Fifth Grade – The Apostles’ Creed  (tan/ivory card stock) 

For Grade 6 – 12 Grade, it works best to copy on card stock the Prayer Card and the information on the back, place it in a plastic sleeve and encourage the young people to keep it in a safe place.  The Prayer Card can then be available for easy use each day.  The Parents are to receive a separate Prayer Card, and place it in a plastic sleeve for their own use.

Sixth Grade – Memorare (blue card stock)  

Seventh Grade  – Prayer to Jesus  (green card stock) 

Eighth Grade (see directions above) – The Morning Offering  (tan/ivory card stock) 

Ninth Grade (see directions above) – Praying with Scripture  (green card stock) 


Tenth Grade Prayer to the Holy Spirit (tan/ivory card stock) 

Eleventh Grade (see directions above)  Psalm 23 (blue card stock)  

Twelfth Grade Psalm 25 with sessions on how God guides us (green card stock)