“Going Deeper in Prayer” is a new initiative in the  Diocese of La Crosse.   Parents may scroll down to the pertinent grade levels for Prayer Cards and Resources. There is A Specific Focus on One Prayer for each Grade Level

Individuals may click here for an adult version: 

Pre-Kindergarten – Angel of God   

Kindergarten – Sign of the Cross   

First Grade – Hail Mary  

Second Grade  – Act of Contrition  

Third grade – Our Father    

Fourth grade  – Mysteries of Jesus’ life as prayed with the Holy Rosary 

Fifth Grade – The Apostles’ Creed  

For Grade 6 – 12 Grade, the young people and parents may receive a separate Prayer Card.  Around this age, some youth like to pray by themselves.  There are conversation starters included with the parent’s Prayer Card to help keep a connection through discussion.  

Sixth Grade – Memorare   

Seventh Grade  – Prayer to Jesus   

Eighth Grade  – The Morning Offering   

Ninth Grade  – Praying with Scripture  

Tenth Grade Prayer to the Holy Spirit  

Eleventh Grade  Psalm 23 

Twelfth Grade Psalm 25 with sessions on “How God Guides Us”   

  • Sessions on How God Guides Us
    • Session 1: Relationship  comes  first!
    • Session 2: One Step at a Time
    • Session 3:  Follow Jesus’ Word
    • Session 4:  A personal word of guidance at Mass
      • 4. Parents and Teacher copy
      • 4. Student copy
    • Session 5:  Sin blinds
      • 5. Parents and Teacher copy
      • 5. Student copy
    • Session 6:  Being supported by a community of believers
      • 6. Parents and Teacher copy
      • 6. Student copy
    • Session 7:  Messengers of God
      • 7. Parents and Teacher copy
      • 7. Student copy
    • Session 8:  In the deepest place of encounter
      • 8. Parents and Teacher copy
      • 8. Student copy
    • Session 9:  Peace is the “hallmark”
      • 9. Parents and Teacher copy
      • 9. Student copy
    • Session 10: Silence is needed
      • 10. Parents and Teacher copy
      • 10. Student copy