Going Deeper in Prayer for Parents, Students and Teachers

Parents may scroll down to the pertinent grade levels for Prayer Cards and Resources.

There is A Specific Focus on One Prayer for each Grade Level

Individuals may click here for an adult version:  www.diolc.org/deeper/ 


Prayers that Students should know by heart in each grade level


The One Prayer for each grade level to be the Focus for the Entire Year: 


Pre-Kindergarten – Angel of God   

Kindergarten – Sign of the Cross  and the Glory Be 

First Grade – Hail Mary  

Second Grade  – Act of Contrition  

Third grade – Our Father    

Fourth grade  – Mysteries of Jesus’ life as prayed with the Holy Rosary 

Fifth Grade – The Apostles’ Creed  

For Grade 6 – 12 Grade, the young people and parents may receive a separate Prayer Card.  Around this age, some youth like to pray by themselves.  There are conversation starters included with the parent’s Prayer Card to help keep a connection through discussion.  

Sixth Grade – Memorare   

Seventh Grade  – Prayer to Jesus   

Eighth Grade  – The Morning Offering   

Ninth Grade  – Praying with Scripture  

Taking it further: A prayer worksheet to pray with a Scripture passage
Praying with Scripture prayer worksheet with simple Instructions
• Short Bible Passages for Praying with Scripture

Tenth Grade Prayer to the Holy Spirit  

Eleventh Grade  Psalm 23 

Twelfth Grade Psalm 25 with sessions on “How God Guides Us”   

The Sign of the Cross reminds us of Jesus’ death for us.

Jesus loves you and wants you to speak with Him each day.

In God’s Plan, Mary is the Mother of Jesus and your Spiritual Mother.

The Holy Spirit is a Divine Person.  The dove is a Biblical symbol. He wants to reveal Jesus to you and guide you in your life.

The Sacred Scriptures are God’s love letter to you!  Prayerfully ponder His Words.