• Mary, Mother of Good Help Parish – New Hmong Parish! 
    2221 B Grand Ave. Grand, Wausau, WI   (715) 298-9055
  • Pastor:  Fr. Al Burkhardt                                                                      
    Coordinator of Hmong Pastoral Care:  Pasheeng Lo seanl@marymotherofgoodhelp.org
    Coordinator of Hmong Faith Formation:  Lor Thao lort@marymotherofgoodhelp.org
  • St. Patrick Parish – 1031 Main St., Onalaska, WI   (608) 783-5535
    Coordinator of Hmong Ministry at St. Patrick Parish in Onalaska, WI
    and for the Diocese of La Crosse:  Ann Lankford  (608) 791-2658


What is the Purpose of the Hmong Ministry?
The goal of catechesis is to lead others to union with Christ through initial evangelization and ongoing formation in a life of faith, hope, and charity. The purpose of the Hmong Ministry is to welcome the Hmong people to be part of the Catholic Church and to affirm and build up the Faith of Hmong Catholics.

What are the Components?
Hmong children are invited to attend the local Catholic School or the Faith Formation Program with tuition assistance offered for those families needing support.  Special classes are organized to prepare older children to receive the Sacraments.

Adults are invited to participate in the RCIA process in order to learn the Faith, develop a prayer and sacramental life, and to enter the Church. Baptismal preparation classes are offered for parents wishing to have their children baptized. Preparation for specific Sacraments is also provided. You are most welcome to contact Mary, Mother of Good Help Parish in Wausau, or St. Patrick Parish in La Crosse with questions.

Where are the Centers for Hmong Ministry?

Hmong Ministry is part of the Office of Catechesis and Evangelization, located at the Holy Cross Diocesan Center in La Crosse.  Mary, Mother of Good Help Parish, which serves the Hmong community, is located in Wausau.  See contact information above.

Who may seek assistance from the Hmong Catechist(s)?
Anyone interested in and/or seeking to join the Hmong Catholic Community, wishing to enter the Church, wanting to prepare to receive Sacraments or desiring to grow in faith and prayer may contact one of the Hmong Catechists at Mary, Mother of Good Help Parish at (715) 298-9055 or the Office of Catechesis and Evangelization at 608-791-2658.

Prayer to the Seven Blessed Martyrs of Thailand who died for the Faith in 1940:

“Hear, O Merciful Lord, the prayers which we humbly offer to You, made worthy by the intercession of Your faithful Seven Martyrs of Thailand, whose witness in sacrificing their lives to profess their faith was as pleasing to You as is their prayer now in Heaven. We most sincerely recognize our weaknesses and sins, but we trust in the loving aid of our Beloved Seven Martyrs whom You, our Good Lord, wished to raise up in our midst as a most outstanding sign of Your Almighty Power to make the weak and humble strong… We earnestly desire to possess, O Beloved Martyrs, your strong faith, your great love for your Church and your firm resolution to live or die for the greater glory of God. With these we can be more grateful to God and more worthy to be heard. However, we find ourselves both poor and weak but we finally trust in the mercy of God through your powerful intercession. Amen.

-Shrine of Our Lady of the Martyrs of Thailand