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Parent’s Session  on the “Going Deeper in Prayer” Initiative

The following resources are to introduce Parents to this initiative, which includes praying the Our Father prayer card with them, so that they see how easy and brief the time of prayer will be.

Franciscan at Home:  Online Learning System

We want to invite you to benefit from a new partnership that the Diocese of La Crosse has with the large-scale outreach ministry called the Catechetical Institute.  It is focused on forming catechists, school teachers and administrators, youth and young adult ministry teams, RCIA, and catechetical leaders.

This outreach is a means to strongly form those who form others – to help grow those in ministry to a place of excellence and ability.  What Franciscan University has built is exceptional in its attention to the person, spiritual focus, immense depth and breadth of professional ministry formation, and high flexibility to attune to local needs.

Every parish is to provide 6 hours of training for catechists.  The Catechetical Institute has developed online workshops to assist you with this training.  Each workshop provides an hour of content divided into short video clips (10 minutes) and followed by a simple skills-building task. These tasks allow learners to process the material by answering a simple question or implementing something into their teaching situation

To access this developing array of formational workshops, individual parishes, or schools that are separate from a parish, pay a $300 annual subscription.  Anyone associated with a subscribing parish or school is then able to use the entire system for free.  There are no other costs.

Click below for the following downloadable PDFs available to help you get a good sense of this new outreach ministry:  

Ongoing Formation after Confirmation

The information below is to help parishes with planning for ongoing formation for young people after Confirmation.

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