"Going Deeper in Prayer" is a new initiative for individual adults.

The downloadable materials include a Prayer Card with a simple format that is meant to foster a personal relationship with God. 
Pick one that interests you!

Note:  The “Going Deeper in Prayer” Resources designed for parents,
students and teachers can be found at diolc.org/prayer

Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Fifth Sorrowful Mystery – Jesus was Crucified and Died

First Glorious Mystery – Jesus rose from the dead!
In order to believe Jesus was alive, Thomas put his finger into His pierced side

“How God Guides Us”  – 10 Sessions

Letter to Participants

There will be 10 sessions completely downloadable from the links below and will provide:

  • a teaching on specific ways that God offers us guidance.
  • a Scripture story that relates how God guided a person in a particular manner.
  •  two modern-day true stories in which individuals experienced God’s guidance.
  • discussion questions.  The sessions are arranged for 90 minutes.

Session 1:  Relationship comes first!
1. Facilitator copy
1. Participant copy
Prayer Card
Facilitator Guide for Small Groups
Group Discussion Guidelines

Session 2:  One Step at a Time
2.  Facilitator Copy
2.  Participant Copy

Session 3:  Through Jesus’ Words in Sacred Scripture
3. Facilitator copy
3. Participant copy