Msgr. Joseph Hirsch presented on the Sacrament of Reconciliation: God’s Sacrament of Healing for our Wounded World. This is a timely topic for Lent. This presentation will deal with the common questions and struggles surrounding this Sacrament.

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Examinations of Conscience –  When printing, click “fit to page” and flip on short side 


Diocese of La Crosse

Best Lent Ever from Dynamic Catholic (free)   

  • Short Inspirational Videos
  • Practical Tips
  • Study Guide for Groups or Individuals

Real Life Catholic – Chris Stefanick

  • How Do We know if He Really Rose? (video 1 min. 56 sec. )
  • What Are You Looking For?  (video 2 min. 36 sec.)
  • Why Confession (video 4 min. )
  • How Do I Pray (video 3 min. 39 sec.)

Word on Fire – Bishop Robert Barron

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  • What are the Practices of Lent?
  • Reflections on the Devil
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Father Mike Schmitz

Short Youtube videos:

  • Preparing for Lent  (8:18)
  • Picking a Thing for Lent (5:32)
  • What’s the Purpose of Lent (6:40)
  • Will God Heal My Wounds?  (8:48)
  • Overwhelmed (6:28)
  • How to be a Good Disciple of Christ  (8 min)
  • Confession is a Place of Victory (8:02)
  • Making a Good Confession  (7:11)
  • Confessing the Same Sins Over and Over Again (7:15)
  • The Power of Prayer (6;05)
  • Battle of Prayer (6:47)
  • Why is Prayer so Hard (9:27)
  • Motivation to Go to Catholic Mass (9:27)
  • Why Confess My Sins to a Priest (8:44)
  • Why We Have to Attend Mass and Receive Communion in a State of Grace
  • Am I the Exception to God’s Rule?
  • Anti-Fragile Faith / Seek 2019  (46:32)

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)   

  • Questions and Answers about Lent
  • Scriptural Stations of the Cross
  • Rediscovering the Sacrament of Penance
  • Saints for the Lenten Season
  • Six Ways to Evangelize during Lent