Marriage HELP

Do you think you might need a marriage counselor or a mentor couple?


Are You Struggling With Your Marriage?

Before you consider divorce, please read the article from Smart Marriages. Then look at the rest of the resources below to get the help you need.

Before You Throw in the Towel

There is no easy solution when a marriage becomes challenged. But before you consider divorce, you should know what the consequences could be. Fixing your marriage may not be easy, but it can be done. And in the long run, it’s a lot easier than the consequences of divorce. Read this article to learn more.

Pastoral Solutions Institute

PastoralSolutionsInstituteLogoThe Pastoral Solutions Institute offers tele-counseling for a number of situations, including marriage healing or improvement, parenting problems, overcoming depression and anxiety, and resolving family conflicts (among many others).

Visit their website to learn more.
Call (740)266-6461 to talk to a counselor.


A lifeline for Married Couples.  Retrouvaille is a Program to Help Couples Heal and Renew their own Marriage Relationship. The word Retrouvaille, simply means ‘rediscovery’. The program offers the chance to rediscover yourself, your spouse, and a loving relationship in your marriage. 10’s of 1000’s headed for divorce have successfully saved their marriages by attending. Retrouvaille is a not spiritual retreat, not a sensitivity group, not a seminar, not a social gathering.

Diocese of La Crosse Contact: (Confidential hot-line)  1-877-922-4673

  1. The Next Retrouvaille Weekend is on August 12-14
    For confidential information about, or to register for, the upcoming program beginning with a Weekend on August 12-14, 2016, call 1-877-922-HOPE (4673), or visit the web site at The Weekend is held at the St. Anthony Spirituality Center in Marathon, Wisconsin
  2. The Retrouvaille Annual Gathering is April 21-23
    The Retrouvaille Annual Gathering at the Best Western Riverfront in La Crosse on the weekend of April 21-23, 2017

For more information: Click here to download the letter to the parishes

Click on “Helpful Links” on the bar across the top of the Retrouvaille page to check out many articles and books recommended for general and specific marriage problems.

CORE (Continuing Our Retrouvaille Experience) groups are limited to couples who have experienced a RETROUVAILLE weekend, since they build on the foundation tools and experience provided there.    For a CORE group near you contact: Don and Kris Nielsen at  OR in the Madison Area contact: Karl and Kris Golz

Before You Divorce

Before You Divorce will help you step back from the emotional turmoil you now face to take an objective view of how divorce (if you select that path) will affect your life in several different areas: Emotional, Physical, Financial, Legal, Children and family, Spiritual.

The materials referenced in the link above are now available for loan from the Office for Marriage & Family Life. If you would like to borrow them from the library please call or email the office.