…parenting is an activity most conducive to the formation of the human character and to the acquisition of virtue. …”parenting” (is more than) the act of begetting a child but of the sustained activity of raising a child; of taking care of its needs day in and day out, of attempting to form the child to be a responsible and independent adult.
…parenting provides a very important good beyond the good of bestowing the gift of life on one’s children. …parenting offers the opportunity for acquiring virtue. It is a school of virtue … the experience of parenting provides an opportunity to acquire virtue in a way that few other experiences do.    ~Dr. Janet Smith

Congratulations! You are a parent and God has entrusted the well-being of your children to you. He has called you to be the first and the most important person in life of your children. In Church language, that means that you are the ‘primary educator’.

So exactly, what is the job of a primary educator? There are three main duties of a primary educator.

First, create a family atmosphere animated with love and reverence for God and others so that each child becomes personally and spiritually well-rounded.

Secondly, develop a strong and lasting bond of trust with each child so that each one will become emotionally and socially mature.

Finally, set godly standards and expectations for each child so that each one will develop moral character.

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