Here is a personal message of gratitude from Bishop Callahan to our volunteers that provide needed support, guidance and accompaniment of our engaged couples during this preparation for their life-long vocation of marriage.

Step 4
Nurturing Their Marriage

  1. Implement some of the best practices for encouraging marriage in the parish.
  2. LinkĀ on your website and in your bulletin.
  3. LinkĀ on your website and in your bulletin.
  4. Share marriage enrichment information from theMarriage Enrichment Page on diocesan website.
  5. Include prayers of the faithful at Mass for marriage and family life.
  6. Bless married couples celebrating an anniversary each month.
  7. Give homilies on marriage throughout the year.
  8. We are constantly producing new articles on marriage enrichment. Invite couples to “like” us on Facebook so they get notified whenever new articles and resources are published! They can find us at
  9. Humanity passes by way of the family. Offer Teaching the Way of Love resources to your couples to ensure parenting is more a blessing than a burden.