Are you or someone you know in a struggling marriage?



Retrouvaille (pronounced ‘retro- vī ‘, with long i ) means “rediscovery”. It is a lifeline of hope and healing for struggling marriages of all ages… even couples who are separated or divorced but want to try again.


Retrouvaille Marriage Help Weekend Coming Soon!—Whether a marriage has simply drifted apart, or has arrived at separation or divorce, Retrouvaille \Retro- vī\ offers hope. Look for upcoming program dates at Fr. Joseph Redfern, a priest of our diocese, who is on the presenting team, along with 3 couples who share their personal stories of healing and reconciliation.  This highly successful program is fully confidential, affordable (all volunteer-run) , and open to couples of all faiths or no faith background.  Please feel free to download and share the following:

Space is limited with special Covid precautions. Early registration advised. For questions or to register, call toll free, 1- 877-922-HOPE (4673) or see 


  • Retrouvaille  is a three-phase program that begins with a weekend experience, followed by post-weekend presentations, and monthly small group support meetings.
  • It is a Christian peer ministry of couples helping couples with the support of caring clergy members.  It is not counseling or group therapy. Couples who have been through crises leading to the brink of divorce share their stories and the tools they used to heal their marriage. Participants reflect and discuss in complete privacy with their spouse.
  • Though the program is Catholic in origin and has a Christian-orientation, couples of all faiths or no faith background are welcomed. The primary focus is on improving communication and building a stronger marriage, so couples may rediscover the love they have for each other.
  • The non-profit program is available in communities worldwide. Program costs are affordable and no couple is ever turned away because of any financial barrier.
  • Central Wisconsin Retrouvaille hosts 2 programs a year (February & August) at St. Anthony’s Spirituality Center in Marathon.  The next session is August 19-21, 2022.  Early registration is recommended.

Register online or call Toll free for Central Wisconsin Retrouvaille
(Confidential)  1-877-922-HOPE (4673)


For Information, to register or find another date/location near you, visit:

Please read one couple’s story about their Retrouvaille experience.

The Alexander House Apostolate is an online entity dedicated to creating courses and resources and offering services to assist marriages, families and relationships by offering hope and bringing healing.  Click Here to learn more.

Pastoral Solutions Institute

The Pastoral Solutions Institute offers tele-counseling for a number of situations, including marriage healing or improvement, parenting problems, overcoming depression and anxiety, and resolving family conflicts (among many others).

Visit their website to learn more.
Call (740)266-6461 to talk to a counselor.

CatholicPsych Institute

Our intentional integration of Catholic anthropology and psychology is a totally new way to pierce through the confusion and find the answers you are seeking, based on ancient wisdom combined with groundbreaking science.

Visit their website to learn more.

Before You Divorce

Before You Divorce will help you step back from the emotional turmoil you now face to take an objective view of how divorce (if you select that path) will affect your life in several different areas: Emotional, Physical, Financial, Legal, Children and family, Spiritual.

The materials referenced in the link above are now available for loan from the Office for Marriage & Family Life. If you would like to borrow them from the library please call or email the office.